5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Change The Definition: "We Definitely Hit The Hipster Hip-Hop Demographic"

Thursday, Apr 19, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Rebekah Star

[With spring officially here and endless clothing options everywhere you turn, Change the Definition Apparel founder Rebekah Star provides you with five reasons to give her education-based line a shot.]

1. It's Time To Represent

The first reason is because of what we represent. Change the Definition came about because I was volunteering within the Portland Public Schools system at a time when there were a lot of programs getting cut. A teacher that was a client of mine at my beauty business needed a teacher's assistant and I helped out for a little while. Since there were so many programs getting cut, the kids that were falling way behind started falling even further because they didn't have that one-on-one attention to catch up. Most of these children were African American and Latino and I believe because of certain situations in our communities, the kids that fall behind, it's easier for them to drop out of school and not have the confidence to want to move forward in school. So, Change the Definition is basically changing the path that a lot of these students arrive at. We represent kids that are falling behind because they're in unfair situations.

2. Welcome Back

We're putting money back into our communities. When people buy a product from us, whether it's a hat, bracelet, t-shirt, we're putting the money back into non-profits that we're partnered with. This year, we're partnered with three non-profits that are literary-based. So people are buying into themselves.

3. From Nothing To Something

We're hip and young. We started out with just a staple t-shirt that has our original design on it, which is "Definitions That My Hip Young Successful Friends Have Given Me Of Themselves" and these are what we want our kids to aspire to. It's in the shape of a globe and it's a "Power to the People" fist. We try to add new products quarterly. That's our goal. We have beaded bracelets right now but are looking to get more in the next few weeks. We definitely hit the hipster hip-hop demographic. They all love our products. The funny thing is we went to an event which was pretty much Orange County housewives and we sold out of the t-shirts and that was unexpected to me. Our demographic is pretty much 25 to 35 but everyone really likes the design.

4. Diversify Your Bonds

One of my favorite things is we're giving people an opportunity to invest in themselves. For instance, one of the non-profits that we're partnered with, Girls, Inc., helps girls to be strong, smart and bold. This goes to their hair because we have a lot of issues in the black community about what our hair should look like. I feel like investing in myself equals investing in my community for the girls who are me when I was little. So if I'm helping them out, I'm helping myself.

5. Good Times

The last reason is because we're doing good statewide, nationwide and internationally. When I say doing good, I mean anybody who buys from us is not only doing investing into those non-profits and kids, but they're also wearing a product that says "I'm proud for doing this."

You Decide. Will you purchase Change the Definition?

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