News: Cam'ron Rips The Tops Off, Unleashes "T*tty Attack & Tears" [Audio]

Monday, Apr 16, 2012 8:53PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset's Cam'ron has kept his word with releasing a new song on a daily basis for the rest of the month by kicking things off with his new "T*tty Attack & Tears."

The new record was reportedly produced by Dipset affiliate hitmaker Sen City.

As previously reported, Killa Cam will be bombarding the blogosphere with a new track every day for 30 days - except on weekends - and the Dipset soldier stays true to his word, liberating the Sen City-assisted "T*tty Attack & Tears" as the first instalment. There's no word on what year this track dates back to, but with that euro-pop influence, I'd imagine it's fairly recent. (Soul Culture UK)

On the record, Cam is heard spitting out rhetorical-style rhymes.

"Yo, where the thugs at," Cam raps, "them n*ggas f*cking with me/But where the slugs black/We aim 'em right at the D's/But where the drugs at/Somebody roll up the trees/Yo where the drugs at/We f*ck with nothing but keys/But where the love at -- These h*es are rug rats, need to stuff 'em with cheese/But yo they love racks, I tell her get on your knees." ("T*tty Attack & Tears")

Earlier in the day, Killa Cam revealed his plans to drop new music daily.

"IMA RELEASE #UNLOSTFILES 2MR NEW SONG EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS. (EXCEPT DA WEEKENDS) LOL" Here is some great news for Cam'ron fans. Killa has announced that he will release a new song every day for 30 days. Just excuse him on weekends please. Killa Cam is currently recording his 7th studio album which was originally due out this month. No new release date or title has been announced yet. (HHNM)

As fans wait for more new records to drop, Dipset's Juelz Santana recently spoke on his crew's legacy.

"Things normal. Everything is good. Me and [Cam'ron] and [Jim Jones] we just did our first show on the West Coast the other day. That sh*t was crazy out there. A good five, ten thousand people out there. They don't make them like us no more. I'm gonna keep it funky. It's perfect time for my kind. Took a little hiatus if that's what you wanna call it, but I ain't really go nowhere. I always got something out there, whether it's some verses here or there, I don't just go nowhere. That's why they're always checking for a n*gga. I won't let you down this time. That's all I can say. Let's go." (Real Talk NY)

Check out Cam'ron's "T*tty Attack & Tears" below:

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