Pulse Report: Havoc Exposed For Lying About Prodigy Beef, Rosa Acosta Makes Doomsday Announcement, Nicki Minaj Lets The Strippers Out

Friday, Apr 13, 2012 2:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we bid farewell to the end of Havoc/Prodigy, find out why the Mayans 12/21/12 prediction is nothing compared to Rosa Acosta's announcement, applaud Nicki Minaj for one major music video ass-et and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. The Infamous Life

The days of Mobb Deep are over. Done. Vanished. Gone Baby Gone. It was a fun run that really never went to the heights that we all thought it could have gone. Sure, they experienced those moments of buzz whether it was "Quiet Storm" or Prodigy feeling up on Lindsay Lohan. I won't lie, doggies. I thought they were going to finally reap platinum success once they signed on that G-Unit Records dotted line. Years later, P is behind bars, 5-0 Cent and Havoc don't meet eye to eye, and oh yeah, their album flopped (gold back then was the equivalent of flopping). What happens when your Black Cocaine doesn't get sniffed? Well, something along the lines (get it?) of this:

"prodigy a hider not a rider," a tweet read from Hav's page.
"nothing hacked P h*mo y'all no hack this havoc"

Now get this, doggies, I didn't believe this. I don't even have Twitter but I knew this wasn't Havoc. And yet, when Hav explained how this came about? SMH..........well, y'all see where I'm going with this:

"Just getting back into NY after my Easter weekend with family and friends in Jersey. I left my phone at a gas station yesterday evening while on my way to Jersey after a glorious Knick's game. To all Mobb Deep fans: it's business as usual! It's Mobb Deep all day!!! My twitter account @THEREALHAVOC will be down until further notice. The only other real account is @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP. Ignore the rest. One!" (Statement)

^ Left your phone at a gas station? Really, doggies? What's worse is what happened Tuesday morning. Hav, you killed yourself.

The Breakfast Club of New York's Power 105 morning radio show unveiled a piece of audio where a man, who sounds like Havoc is heard making disparaging remarks. "He gay. I had to smack him like a month and a half ago when we were doin' South by Southwest," the voice said. Prodigy was never identified by name in the audio clip, but the sentiments in the clip matched much of the the slanderous messages that were sent from Havoc's since deleted Twitter account on Monday morning."I got n---as in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was f---ing homes in jail," he wrote. "Now i will silence... and let the jails take care of the rest." Havoc later called into the radio show and when host Angela Yee asked if he was the voice on the audio clip, the Queens producer/rapper denied it. "No I lost my phone yesterday at the Knicks game, I put a statement out," Havoc said. (MTV)

^ OK. Sorry for the doggies that can't hear the audio but long story short. N.O.R.E. confirmed the voice is Hav and then Hav called in to defend his story. Think about it though, doggies. Not only does doggy not have a password lock on his phone he doesn't have one for his alleged password lock app. SMH. Even Angela Yee pointed out that the tweets were done on a computer, NOT a phone. C'mon doggy. Really? I'm sorry, but doggies aren't pressed enough to take the time out and do some sneaky fake hacking. SMH. Really? And if y'all want to just ignore everything I've said, then at the very least consider this:

Prodigy & Erica Mena (Concept)Havoc

"A week before [Prodigy] comes home, Havoc finally shows up," the source continued. "[He says], 'Yo, listen, I'm sorry, man. I've been battlin' alcohol again. I just came out of rehab. I really wanna work again. Let's get money.'" Prodigy was open to getting back to work with his longtime comrade. He was released in March 2011, and the next month dropped his autobiography, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy. P and Hav hit the studio a few times--even releasing the Black Cocaine EP in November--but the two rarely interacted. "The only time Prodigy would see him was before a show--at the airport or however they're gonna get there," the source said.
Citing one instance in particular, the source says Havoc spent $20,000 at a casino, but didn't remember the next day because he had been drinking heavily. "When he went into the account, the money was gone," the source recalled. "He forgot because he has these little blackout moments when he's drunk--that he spent all the money gamblin'. He accused Prodigy's manager [of] stealin' the money out of his account. So he knocks on Prodigy's door, he smacks Prodigy across the face, Prodigy wrestles him down, beats him up a little bit. After, he remembers that he was gamblin', so he comes back to Prodigy and apologizes and all that. But at this point, Prodigy is already tellin' me and my other friend, 'Yo, this is the last Mobb Deep tour. When I get back to New York, I'm gonna disappear. I'm not fuckin' with H no more.'"
The Infamous Mobb hit SXSW in Austin for the first time last month, and though they performed multiple times, the tension was continuing to mount. "When he got back to New York, Prodigy kept his word," the source said. "He stopped takin' Havoc's calls. He wanted to be out that whole situation." The source also denied accusations that Havoc questioned Prodigy's sexuality, and said it's highly unlikely that the two will work together again. "To be honest with you, there's 120 percent certainty that there will never be another Mobb Deep album again," the source concluded. "How do you come back from that?" (XXL Mag)

^ Props to XXLMag, that's a hot exclusive. Y'all be your own judges, but those Mobb Deep days are long gone. I only hope to be wrong for once. LOL.

2. Hey Mami

Doggies, doggies, doggies. What good is the Mayans End of the World prediction when we got the worst news of the year this week? The only video vixen I considered meeting and proposing to in-person is hanging up the heels and trading in those booty shorts for some "real" work. SMH. I guess this isn't anything new. Vida Guerra pulled the same stunt a few years ago but, wait, wait, wait. No, I can't accept it. What Rosa Acosta brought to the rap game is someting we've never seen. The flexibility, the knockers, the million dollar smile, the beefs with Maino, Kat Stacks and the rest of 'em? SMH. For doggies that are still confused, peep it below:

"I have had the opportunity to work with so many people including one of the best photographers in the world, Terry Richardson. Actually a good friend of mine Vanessa Veasley, I was the one that sent her stuff to Supreme and they loved her," Rosa said in an interview. "It's an honor to bring two darker skinned girls to Supreme. They are amazing. I'm working with Pink Dolphin and a few other companies. I'm happy that I've been able to do all of these things. I'm about to retire from all of the urban modeling because we get old." (The Well Versed)

"It's really easy in this business to spend ten years doing the same thing and not branch out. So in order for me to branch out I have to stop doing this and focusing on some other ventures. I'm not just going to quit totally, but little by little. But I think that this will be my last year doing the sexy shoots. I'm going to focus on fitness and Spanish TV." (The Well Versed)

^ It's a sad week for me, doggies. It'll be a while before we get another one like her and truth be told, what good is a 2013 if we can't expect that sweaty rump plasted on our desktops, ripped pages out of Smooth scanned courtesy of SkinIt for out laptops and looking for a reason to keep checking World Star Hip Hop. LOL. With that being said, doggies, here's my brief ode to the illest video vixen we've ever seen:

Here is my personal love letter to Rosa from back in January 2010. SMH....

Dear Rosa:

So I heard the rumors about your relationship with Soulja Boy Tell Em back in the last few months of 2009 and couldn't be happier to hear they were faker than a Barbie's a**. Now look, I have been following your @RosaAcosta Twitter page since jump street and when they were just coming across your stretching videos, I already was on the prowl to get your personal autograph. You model your a** off and I work mine day-and-night for these Pulse Report & Caption Disses. You got haters, I got haters. Congratulations on making the Women of King Magazine re-launch and even bigger props for holding onto the n*ts of these bloggers out there, even some females too. Even though the closest I might get this to you is through a Twitter RT, I want you to know that when you're ready for the official one-on-one, call up the powers that be @sohhdotcom and let's give the Pulse Report readers a tale of mystery, lust, gossip, rap sh*t and a whole bunch more. Until then, we can only maintain sanity courtesy of your photos. From our hands to your ears.

And here are some accompanying photos/clips. Live for the moment doggies and let's just pray that she doesn't stop modeling in 2013.

Rosa AcostaRosa AcostaRosa Acosta

Rosa AcostaRosa AcostaRosa Acosta

3. Doggy of the Week: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj. If there was one doggy that you knew for a fact would be featured in here, it's Nicki Minaj. Even though she didn't debut with 500,000-plus copies in her opening week, the chick had doggies running to the stores to cop the new LP. The press was crazy too but instead of focusing on her talking about that deadly nip slip from last summer or the family issues she encountered back in the day courtesy of that "Nightline" sitdown, we're going to go to the main thing that earned her this spot. "Beez In The Trap" music video!!! If there was ever a music video that yearned to be played with the volume on mute it's this one. Benny Boom behind it? It getting shot at a strip club? Miami? WTF?!?!?!?!? Doggies, forget all that other stuff, if you ever needed a reason to clap your hands for a "Doggy of the Week," it's right here.

Nicki Minaj is parading her assets in a newly-debuted music video for her single "Beez in the Trap". The female rapper provocatively moves her curvaceous body which is clad in a leopard-print and a neon-green bikini. She also seduces the camera from behind a wire fence. The music video with club-party atmosphere was directed by Benny Boom and filmed in Miami. It features cameos from Minaj's featured guest 2 Chainz and Cash Money label boss/rapper Birdman. (Ace Showbiz)

^ But doggies, if that wasn't enough, then just check out Nicki's explanation for doing it in a strip club!

Get More: Music News

"When I was doing my mixtapes, I would perform in strip clubs, I would perform in clubs and it was just like some of my most die-hard fans would be in these places," Nicki said in an interview. "I wanted to kinda like honor them -- kinda honor all my girls in the club and just say thank you for the support." The Benny Boom-directed clip, which was released Friday, follows Nicki as she struts through the nudie bar counting hundreds and working her money-maker in some very flattering outfits. In one scene, Ms. Minaj sports a leopard-print catsuit and shakes her tail feather alongside "Beez in the Trap" guest 2 Chainz. "When I see the strippers and all of that, they always show me love, so I wanted to kinda make a video around them," the reigning rap queen said. "I hit up Benny Boom like, 'Yo, I need a sexy video right now.' I knew 2 Chainz wasn't gonna be mad." (MTV)

^ Forget the sales, the media press, she's "Doggy of the Week" based off that alone!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Danielle Marie

What can I say about Danielle Marie that hasn't been said about the yearly pin-up model of the year? LOL. She's got the thickness, the candy-like complexion and, did I mention thickness? LOL. There's only a few women that could follow-up last week's Wankaego and Danielle just happens to be one of them. Plus, the only problem with Wankaego is she's so small. We needed that Serena Williams-type thickness this week. Doggies might not realize it, but spring is officially here and summer is quickly approaching. In other words? You're going to be seeing a lot of nice hotties at the beaches, while not quite Danielle Marie comparison-worthy, nice nonetheless. So get your own bodies up, doggies, 'cause you never know when a DM will hit cha! LOL.

Danielle MarieDanielle Marie

Danielle MarieDanielle Marie

Danielle MarieDanielle Marie

^ And if that wasn't enough, wait until y'all see Danielle Marie in motion. This is what I call a game-changer to the fullest extent. LOL.

^ Aight, so just one video. Deal with it, doggies! LOL! Trust me, there are plenty to find online, but just too much to feature here. LOL.

5. Doggies Say The Darndest Things

Truth be told, I really wanted to give this entire post to Havoc based off that denial he gave on Power 105.1 this week. SMH. Doggy, not only did you say you lost your phone at the gas station, you then go on to say there was no lock AND that your password app didn't have a lock? HUH!? SMH. All that to the side, though, let's focus on the doggies at hand. For starters, Amber Rose going all "Brady Bunch" was not only not funny but corny! LOL. You know BB still loves you Amber. LOL. Then it's Cappadonna (who?) Cappadonna getting all Red Bull-sounding about the Wu-Tang Clan. As much as it hurts for me to say this, doggies, no doggy is checking for the Wu these days. SMH. Plus, what's Eve talking about, Lil Kim created Nicki Minaj? LOL. Fall back. I'll back Kim up to a point, but let's not overreact. And while all doggies can get down with the idea, the fact that Snoop Dogg is encouraging doggies to tote up to his lyrics-ridden rolling papers? SMH. No comment. And finally, she could have kept it gully but nope. Kim Kardashian downplaying what we already know? In case y'all didn't realize it yet, it's time for "Doggies Say The Darndest Things," doggies!

1. Amber Rose

Amber Rose, who became famous overnight when she was dating Kanye West in 2010, is so madly in love with Wiz Khalifa she's virtually asking, "Kanye Wno?" Amber tells Shira Lazar why she fell so hard for the rapper known for "Young Wild and Free." "He was just so normal. He didn't let the fame and money get to him. I needed that," she says. "We fit." (Wonder if she was subtly comparing him to Kanye?) Anyway, the gorgeous model, who is working on an album, says "I definitely go to Wiz for advice. Obviously he's "The One," because she's planning life after a wedding. "We're going to have 25 kids," she joked. Then, she revealed, "We wanna have like four -- that's what we're going to reach for."

2. Cappadonna

cappadonna-2012-03-16-300x300.jpgWu-Tang Clan

"It was good man, everything was going well," Capp told SOHH when asked about the upcoming Wu-Block album. "I'm just here to deliver the message, man. Whatever it takes, that's what we do. We got the wings that give us the ability to fly above. It's just about staying relevant and staying true to the kids. I do feel like it's time to pass the torch but I love the sport and as long as it's God's will, I'm going to continue to go out and touch the people. I love this too much."

3. Eve

"It's not about publicity. It's about wanting that respect," Eve said in an interview. "I think maybe that's where Kim is coming from, like, you're doing your thing right now and no one can take that away from you, Nicki--we all see it--but at the end of the day, if it wasn't for Kim, she wouldn't be here and that sh*t is real."

4. Snoop Dogg

In a hilarious video introducing the Rolling Words booklet, Snoop is sitting at a table, smiling as ever, and showing off the item like a proud papa. "The book is made of, you know, hemp materials," he says. "The cover is twine, as you can see. Real thick material right there, to get it together." The agency says the Rolling Words book is currently available only for "elite distribution" but that a limited edition may also be released online. Those attending this year's Coachella festival can sample Snoop's brand of rolling papers, which will appear as removable tabs on posters around the venue.

5. Kim Kardashian

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"I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these questions, but as I've said before, Kanye and I have been friends for years. You know, you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. So ['Theraflu?'] I like the song!"

***Aight doggies, baseball season is in full effect, the Knicks are playoffs bound (knock on wood...PAUSE), and the Jets are finally done getting negative press (for now). LOL. The weather should be nice no matter where y'all are at this weekend, so kick back and have some fun! Catch y'all on Tuesday!***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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