Pulse Report: Kanye West's "Theraflu" Gets Decoded, Drake's Most Hilarious Memes Exposed, Nicki Minaj Cocks Back & Reloads

Friday, Apr 6, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we see Kanye West's new diss/tell-all "Theraflu" get decoded, laugh at Drake's most funny "meme" moments get put on blast, admire how Nicki Minaj turns all her doggies pink and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Decoded

Can one of y'all doggies please insert: "U Mad?" LOL!!! Kanye West's new "Theraflu" has the Internet going nuts right about now. I mean, there's dissing, there's exposing, there's flaunting and everything else you could want on a record that drops/leaks on a Wednesday. ON A WEDNESDAY, DOGGIES!!! LOL!!!!! I could understand the weekend or at least Friday, but a fire track like that dropping on hump day? Ye caught all of us off our game with this ball. But at least doggies like RapGenius are always on their grizzly ready to get their decoding on. So while UMG keeps trying to pull the track off YouTube, let's at least learn a bit more from what's said on the track. Doggies, I can't front, even some of these explanations made me throw up the Rock eyebrow. LOL.


Can't a young nigga get money anymore?

Kanye quotes Mase twice in this hook. West has in the past called the Harlem artist his favorite rapper

Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor

Going back to the fact that Kanye has so much money... Earlier this year Kanye West was spotted rocking a $100,000 Mink Coat which caused some controversy. PETA commented on this, saying he's pathetic. Kanye couldn't care less about what PETA has to say.

Can I have a bad bitch without no flaws

As states previously, this is another Mase line that Kanye recites in the chorus. Increasingly 'coincidental,' the original line is from the same song

Come to meet me without no drawers?

He just wants a girl that goes Commando

[Verse 1]

Kanye WestPETA (Animal References)

Dinner with Anna Wintour, racing with Anja Rubik

'Ye's talks about dining with American magazine Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in an introduction to a group of lines devoted to Kanye's love of fashion, a common motif in his music

I told you mahfuckas it was more than the music

Emphasizing his rise in the fashion industry This is reminiscint of his line on "Made in America" This ain't no fashion show, motherfucker, we live it

In the projects one day, to Project Runway

A very common subject in rap, this line is an allusion to the frequent 'come-up' or 'underdog' stories in rap

We done heard all that loud-ass talking, we're used to it

Reference to all the slander Kanye gets about his decisions from critics

I'm from where shorties fucked up, double-cupped up

Kanye reps Chi-Town, where kids are misguided, miseducated, and following the popular trend of drinking that purple drank.

Might even kill somebody and YouTube it

Kanye is most likely referring to the murder of Derrion Albert in south side Chicago back in 2009. Derrion was caught on tape being beat to death by a group of individuals.

To whoever think their words affect me is too stupid/And if you can do it better than me, then you do it!

Your words don't affect him. If you're so much better, then go ahead and prove it

**OK, doggies, let's just skip to the juicy of the juicy!***

[Verse 2]


And the whole industry want to fuck your old chick

Well if your ex is a stripper, wouldn't you expect her to get around? Amber Rose moved on from Yeezy, to Wiz Khalifa.

Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz

Out of all the people who have gone the rounds for Amber (and it's a lot), Kanye still got love for Wiz

And I'll admit, I had fell in love with Kim/Around the time she had fell in love with him

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' (hilariously short) marriage put a damper on Kanye's attempts to woo her.

Well that's cool, baby girl, do ya thang

Yeezy says he's fine, even though Kim didn't have the same feelings he had for us. But I don't believe him for a second, I mean, LOOK AT HER

Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team

Believe it or not, Kris Humphries has done more then just be that guy who married Kim Kardashian for 72 days. Humphries is power forward for the New Jersey Nets, the same team Jay-Z is a part owner of and has referenced numerous times in the past Seeing that Jay and Kanye are BFFs, Kanye suggests that he could have asked Jay to request the Nets front office to consider dropping Humphries for X reason

La Familia, Roc Nation

Members of Roc Nation, Jay-Z's subdivision of Sony Music, commonly refer to the division of the label as a 'family', and occasionally 'familia,' or variations of it, meaning 'family' in Spanish, Italian, and Latin, and commonly used as a term to refer to the mafia or other organised crime

We in the building, we still keep it basement

Their music is mainstream, but they rap like they are still in the underground

^ Gotta love Rap Genius. For the rest of the decoding, just click right here doggies.

2. No Explanation Needed

SMH. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only right we let Drake get y'all ready for Nicki Minaj!!













^ LOL!!! *DEAD*!!!! Big props to Complex. I wanted this second post to focus on that Diggy Simmons/J. Cole beef, but these photos threw me off my game, doggies! LOL!!!

3. Doggy of the Week: Nicki Minaj

Really, doggies, was this anything else but a no-brainer? LOL. Most doggies have come to realize that whenever a new project, usually an album, is on store shelves, there is promotion out the rump on that one doggy. Hence? Non-stop coverage, interviews, and stories that doggies write up. But even with that logic in place, Nicki Minaj is still a pretty unique doggy. For starters, she got titled the best rapping doggy EVER by, yeah, y'all already know, Birdie Birdman. SMH. But before you write that co-sign off, just look at how the New York Times tagged her. Doggies, it's a co-sign so big and prestigious that I can't even ignore. Then moving over to the new album in stores and Nicki not being shook over those numbers? SMH. Sophomore jinx, huh? LOL. I feel the swag, Nicki! But even bigger than her confidence, whether fake or not, it's the fact she's hoping doggies take something away from the LP. Even a stuck-up doggy like myself can respect that. Last but not least is the fact that while her new LP may not have a bigger first-week sales-wise than its predecessor, it's gonna have a bigger placement. Yeah, doggies, make those hands clap fror Nicki Minaj. (And yes, doggies, I'm using this Nicki Minaj photo on purpose. LOL!!!)

1. Come Fly W/ A Doggy

nicki-minaj-2012-04-02-300x300.jpgNicki Minaj & Baby

"I say she is, but if she's not today, within time she will be. No female ever will be able to sell more records than her, have more singles than her, have more number one singles than her, have more awards--no more nothing. She had the most singles by a female last year. Her accomplishments are gonna speak for themselves." (Complex)

^ Hate doggy or love doggy, truth is you can't deny the fact he might have a point. Nicki Minaj is selling units. That's big. Even during the days of other female rappers (minus Lauryn Hill), no chick was as aggressive and mainstream-appealing than what Nicki Minaj is today. She made female rap relevant again.

2. Read All About It, Doggies

nicki-minaj-2012-04-02-300x300.jpgNicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Trina & Keri Hilson

BARELY a year and a half has passed since the release of "Pink Friday," the platinum debut album by Nicki Minaj, but her style is well honed. She's a sparkling rapper with a gift for comic accents and unexpected turns of phrase. She's a walking exaggeration, outsize in sound, personality and look. And she's a rapid evolver, discarding old modes as easily as adopting new ones. This hard and complex work has paid off: when she releases her second album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded," this week, it will be as the most influential female rapper of all time. (New York Times)
A few years ago, before her rise began, there were hardly any female rappers of note; now, a new generation, including Azealia Banks, Brianna Perry and Angel Haze, is rising quickly, working territory that she carved out. This is a story about influence, to be sure, but also about the weakening of old walls, and the reshaping of the gates that the gatekeepers keep. Thanks to Nicki Minaj and the possibilities she has laid bare, and to hip-hop's stasis of masculinity it is, outrageously and unprecedentedly, a more exciting time to be a female rapper than a male one. (New York Times)

^ This is from the New York Times, doggies. The NEW YORK TIMES. Period.

3. Sophomore Doggies Get Pink, Freshmen Doggies Stink

nicki-minaj-2012-04-02-300x300.jpgNicki Minaj (Pink Friday)

"H*ll no! This album is gonna sell so much more than Pink Friday," Minaj told radio host DJ Clue. "Ask me this question two years from today, Clue. With me, I'm never about first week and all that. I like to look at it for the long haul. I'ma travel, I'ma meet my beautiful babies, my Barbz everywhere, and this is my first time I'm gonna get to do a world tour, so the album is gonna do its thing." (Power 105.1)

^ LOL!!!! You gotta love that confidence, whether you believe it or not. Truthfully? I don't think the album is gonna sell more units than her debut, just because that first album had crazy pop appeal. But I still think it'll do good numbers.

4. Learn A Thing Or Two, Dog


"If there's one thing I want people to take away from it, it's just that little girls can aspire to be anything, and that's all I want people to see," Nicki said in an interview. "Whether you follow Nicki Minaj's blueprint or not, just don't be afraid to experiment and don't allow people to knock your hustle just 'cause it ain't something that you're used to seeing." (MTV)

^ I think she's gassing doggies up right here, again, but who knows, I'd like to be wrong on something. Maybe she really wants the album to inspire doggies to go that extra mile and follow in her footsteps. Now if experimentation is her game, I've got a lot of non-music related suggestions for her and her Barbies. LOL.

5. Do The Math, Doggies


The N.Y. Times just called her the pre-eminent female rapper of all time. And while that doesn't say much--though supporters of Lil' Kim, MC Lyte, Foxy Brown and Missy Elliott might disagree--Nicki Minaj's sophomore Young Money/Cash Money/ Universal Republic album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, will debut at #1 next week, with between 200-225k in sales. That's based on one-day reports from our crack network of online retailers and those selling CDs from the back of their car trunks. (Hits Daily Double)

^ In Nicki's defense, an album that debuts ahead of its predecssor kinda beats the sophomore jinx. Just saying. But even if those first-week numbers are less than what Pink Friday did in 2010, the fact she's pushing 200K-plus numbers like it's nothing? That's cray.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Wankaego

Yes, loyal doggies, I do realize this week's pick is a face (and back) y'all have all seen before. It's none other than the soon-to-be-famous Wankaego. She's been in a few of your favorite World Star Uncut music videos, and thanks to a website called Blue Star Live, I saw a side of Wankaego that only a premium membership can get you (literally). LOL. Her tattoos are all lined up perfectly, teeth in place with the Crest-white grill, thickness in all the right places...well, y'all doggies get the point. Call it deja vu or double-vision, but this is something I think y'all won't mind up in here again. LOL. She's Wankaego, and I'm Wanking. LOL!




^ And if that wasn't enough? Check out her latest work...

^ Don't get gassed up off the body, she can spit a few bars too, doggies!

5. Doggies Say The Darndest Things

It's that time of the week, doggies, the section formerly known as "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors has a fresh batch of witty rappers that are guaranteed to drive you nuts with head shaking. LOL. To kick things off, it's Big Sean talking about a promise that I think even Kanye West would refute. Then it's off to Baby trying to convince us that Rick Ross would even consider signing to Cash Money. You mean to tell me a doggy that's the "head" of Maybach Music Group would go be another doggy's dun-dun? SMH. As much as I used to ride with Young Buck, this apologizing after he's hit rock bottom is even enough for me to put him on blast. C'mon doggy. Now y'all know I don't normally get down with the Twitter posts, but what 5-0 Cent said about DJ Pauly D would even make Funkmaster Flex puke. LOL. Last but not least? Drake. Drake. Drake. C'mon. In case y'all didn't know already, it's time for "Doggy Say The Darndest Things!" LOL!

1. Big Sean

Big SeanThe Notorious B.I.G.

For the hardworking G.O.O.D. Music rapper, we're sure the break came in handy. Not only does he have the G.O.O.D. Music compilation dropping sometime this year, Sean is also planning to release his sophomore LP. "My album's coming this summer. I can probably say at the latest at the end of August. I got Tyga on there. I got, of course, 'Ye on there," he revealed. Somewhere in between all those sessions is when Kanye made his bold and surprising prediction: "I'm here kickin' with 'Ye," Sean recalled, "and 'Ye tellin' me I'm gonna be the best rapper of all time."

2. Baby


"Ross signed to Def Jam and you know Ross is a close friend of mine. But if the time ever came, we gonna G up and make it happen. Right now he signed to Def Jam, but when the time do come, I'm gonna be right there waiting," Birdman said. "'I've been seeing Ross. I like his hustle. You can see how he patterned his whole thing around how we do what we do and he's following the blueprint straight up. I got nothing but love and respect for Rozay. I watched him do it and he did it from nothing. He's still grounded and that's what I love about him. He's got a solid team. They've got some great music over there."

3. Young Buck

Young BuckG-Unit

"It's been a long time since I've had any kind of conversation with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo, 50 [Cent], anybody really through that camp over that way," Buck told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "It's been even a long time since I heard your voice to even have a conversation and we having it on air, live for the people. ... At the end of the day, we've made history and I would never not consider not being a chance for us to make history again if ever given the opportunity or chance. My thing is, at the end of the day, we only get older out here in this situation, in life, in itself and the older I became, the wiser I became at the same time."

4. 5-0 Cent

dj-pauly-d-50-cent-2011-08-30-300x300.jpgFunkmaster Flex

"I told you I know what I'm doing @paulyD first song NIGHT OF MY LIFE top 5 on itunes. Not bad for less then 24 hours LMAO," Fif tweeted March 30th.
"@paulyd is not just a DJ he is gonna be the highest paid DJ buy the end of this year. You can hate it only make you look like a fool. Lol"

5. Drake

drake-sad-2011-11-14-300x300.jpgKid Cudi (Concept)

"Yeah, I know, because you get artists in this position who go crazy and don't know how to handle it. There are people who have killed themselves. There's the overwhelming stress, how tired you are, the weight on your shoulders of going out here and giving 18,000 people entertainment ... It's a lot of pressure," he revealed in an interview. "Have I sipped codeine before? Yeah, of course. Have I smoked weed? Yes. Do I drink wine? Yes. But do I do it excessively? No. I'm not a reckless guy. I do it all within moderation. I'm not into drugs."

***Happy Easter Weekend, doggies! I don't care what religion you are or what age you are, Easter Sunday, doggies are either eating some good grub, chocolate bunny rabbits or both! LOL. Don't know about y'all but I'm still debating on whether I should support that Nicki Minaj album. Doggies swear it's rap to the core, but too many reviews are saying she's trying to pull that pop tag out. SMH. Who knows, maybe the Easter Bunny will come through this weekend. LOL. Aight doggies, spend some time with your family and if you can't be there in the physical form, give some of those doggies a phone call/Skype session, even a text message. Family always comes first, don't forget that. Catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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