5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Boom Tho! Clothing: "If You Like To Party You'll Like Us; If You're The Life Of The Party You'll Love Us!"

Monday, Apr 16, 2012 12:21AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Boom Tho!

[With summer just 72 days away, Boom Tho! owner and forward for Wonju Dongbu Promy of the Korean Basketball League Rod Benson breaks down the top five reasons you should be running to buy the most eccentric and vibrant clothing line of the season.]

1. Standout!

We have a lot of color, and a different look to our brand; it's a street wear brand. The first thing people notice when they look at our stuff is the color. So if you wanna stand out, that's reason No. 1 [to buy the brand].

2. Why Be Normal!

Reason No. 2, [is] to be different. Most other brands looks the same, and even if they have a different message and a different philosophy behind it, they're still all kind of the same. You wouldn't know any different unless someone told you. Our difference is clear: we're the people who are more likely to be visible and be seen.

3. We Like To Party!

No. 3, if you like to party you'll like us; if you're the life of the party you'll love us. I think that goes along with our stuff very well. Just enjoy yourself, have fun and party! That's definitely a reason you should get into it!

4. California Love!

We have a real summery vibe, and we're all from California. We make tank tops, bicycle hats [and] things that really embrace the California lifestyle. And if you live anywhere warm, there's no reason not to put some color on and just embrace the sunshine, man.

5. More Than Just A Clothing Line!

No. 5, just to be part of something bigger than just clothing. We do music, we do videos, we do our own website, we do all our own pictures. It's just about being a next-level individual. It's not necessarily being different, but making yourself better. I think we really stand for that as a company--just trying to out work and learn things our competitors don't necessarily do.

You Decide. Will you purchase Boom Tho! Clothing? If you like to party, click here to cop Boom Tho!

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