5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Bean Dip Clothing: "Look Good, Feel Good & Make Love Good Too"

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Bill Smeltzer

[With spring fashion heating up, Bean Dip Clothing co-founder Bill Smeltzer gives out five reasons you should give his clothing line a shot.]

1. Hand Printed Goodies

How it all began. We started hand screen printing t-shirts in a 10 x 15 windowless room for ourselves and our friends. The brand evolved and happened by accident as a way to continue doing what we love to do. To this day each shirt is hand printed by our team and we continue to experiment with new materials and inks to make sure we retain that soft hand feel.

2. Limitless

Continuing the ethos from day one of always producing stuff that we like and would want to wear. Outside of clothing we have released skatedecks, shoes, bags, and slipmats for deejaying. For example, there are several deejays within our crew so we thought why not make a run of slipmats? We linked with longtime friend, collaborator and deejay - Lee Trice - for the artwork. Then reached out to the same company that produces Technics' slipmats and made it happen.

3. The People

We've kept our pricing fair and square since the beginning. An advantage of doing everything in-house is not having to pay other people. From designing, to printing, shipping we're a collective of creative kids running the ship DIY style. This in turn saves money & we pass it along to the people who support us.

4. Look Good, Feel Good, Make Love Good Too

In the words of Mr Feel Good himself, James Brown. You should step out of the house feeling good, that you look good, the rest is up to you. We produce clean, classic, graphic apparel that feels even better when worn. Confidence is the best co-pilot.

5. Express Yourself

If you believe in yourself, stay up all night, work outside your habits, speak up, collaborate, don't procrastinate, keep learning, find inspiration in everything, trust your gut, love your crew, ask for help, question everything, have a plan, take criticisms, use spell check, brainstorm in the shower, & think about all the possibilities then we know EXACTLY how you feel. Support like-minded people and you'll be supporting yourself. We'll all win.

You Decide. Will you give Bean Dip Clothing a shot?

To preview/purchase Bean Dip Clothing gear, just click here.

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