News: "50 [Cent] Ain't Got Jay-Z Bars But His Confidence, You Can't Deny It" [Video]

Friday, Apr 13, 2012 9:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rap newcomer Schoolboy Q recently spoke on the motivation G-Unit's 50 Cent gives him and why despite not being considered the best emcee alvie, he continues to win through pure confidence.

Admitting he relates to Fif in more ways than one, Schoolboy also credited him for providing guidance away from trouble.

"We got the same sh*t going on. Everything he talk about is the same sh*t I did. I relate to Fifty...I can listen to 50 Cent and tell he really mean what he's saying. He's one of them n*ggas that got away with confidence. Fifty ain't got the best bars, he ain't got Jay-Z bars but his confidence on a record -- you can't deny it. I seen where he was doing an interview about Ja Rule during the beef sh*t, he was saying that any n*gga that just getting out of jail that don't know what to do with himself is getting into the rap game. Recently when I just got out of jail I didn't now what to do I wasn't going to try and finish playing football. That's when I was f*cking around with rapping, I wasn't really rapping but when I heard that I was like f*ck it...I really went hard at it. Fifty probably saved my life on some real sh*t." (VIBE)

While Schoolboy gushes over Fif, the G-Unit general previously credited Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man for inspiring him.

"I always thought he was better than the rest of 'em," Fif said in an interview. "Maybe that's why he had to come out first. I listen to his music still...Sh*t, he had one of those moments where whatever he said was golden. He was just in that zone. F*ck that, that sh*t is still hot. What the music said to me and the impression it had on me in that time frame is still there. I had one of them say something about me, one of the Wu-Tang...The Genius I think, but I never really liked his music. His was always so smart that it was stupid, I didn't really like his sh*t. It was good but it wasn't, Mef was better than him to me...Mef was the one, that's why it went first and I'm sure they know that...He had what was necessary for that sh*t to go off." (XXL Mag)

Outside of the 50 motivational talk, Schoolboy recently talked to SOHH about who he feels are the hottest emcees in hip-hop.

"Kendrick Lamar and I'd [also] have to say Rick Ross. His presence was huge and it's almost like he built an empire, dropped an album and put his team on, all in a year. Wale dropped his album with Maybach and did some good numbers, man. Then of course, you got Meek Mill up next." (SOHH)

He recently told SOHH about his A$AP Rocky-featured "Hands on the Wheel" collaboration.

"By the time my manager Dave was like, "You should put Rocky on it," I had already done like three verses to the song. A light bulb popped in my head and it sort of made sense to put him on there because he fit the track. For me, making songs like "Hands on the Wheel" is real easy. It's a party song and I can usually get those done in an hour or less. Maybe even 30 minutes. It's the songs on Habits and Contradictions like "My Hating Joint," "Oxy Music," or stuff like "Nightmare of Figg St." that really take a long time to finish. Songs where I show a lot of character are gonna always take longer." (SOHH Singled Out)

Check out Schoolboy Q speaking on 50 Cent below:

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