SOHH Whatcha Think: [VIDEO] Jeezy Concert Brawl + New Avengers Trailer Hits The Web

Thursday, Mar 1, 2012 8:18AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka Young Peezy

Things can get very real, very fast at rap concerts. That's why you've always got to keep one eye on the stage and one eye on the n*gga dressed in all black who doesn't seem to be having a good time. It helps to be cross-eyed. Anyway, sh*t got real at a recent Jeezy performance and footage of the melee has hit the web.

According to reports, Jeezy's peaceful show quickly became a scene straight out of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome as chairs and bottles became weapons.

Dozens of angry fans transformed into a violent mob at a Young Jeezy concert in Orlando this weekend ... smashing people with chairs, bottles and even a mic stand ... and TMZ has the insane fight footage. Jeezy was on stage rapping at the BB King Blues Club on Sunday ... when security asked some of the fans to move back from the stage. Sources at the scene tell TMZ ... a bunch of rowdy fans resisted ... and started talkin' smack to the security personnel.(TMZ)

Ever the peacemaker, Jeezy attempted to ease the tension by getting on a loudspeaker and insisting everyone please refrain from beating one another and remain calm. Surprisingly, this did not work. So he did what any real n*gga would do, said "F*ck it then" and left.

Tensions grew ... until someone in the crowd fired a drink at the stage ... and that's when the place went nuts. Suddenly, everyone started fighting and throwing things ... including a mic stand. Jeezy went on the loudspeaker and tried to calm everyone down ... but the crowd refused to yield ... so Jeezy and his entourage decided to exit through the back before someone got hurt. Eventually, the violence died down. It's unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries in the ruckus. Sources close to Jeezy tell us the rapper was "very upset" with the venue ... because he felt they should have done a better job controlling the crowd. (TMZ)

Check out some of the video below, not the best quality, but hey -- it was shot by someone at a rap concert, not Peter Jackson.

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Yo -- before you roll out, peep this all new trailer for the upcoming action flick, The Avengers. Are you checking for this upcoming film?

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