News: UPDATE: Game Explains Spitting Incident, Rapper's Entourage Gropes Woman At Concert [Video]

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012 8:02AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game is out to clear his name and image after footage of him appearing to spit on female fans during an Australian show landed online over the weekend.

According to Game, his spit was in retaliation to the woman and her boyfriend who followed them from a meet and greet to an afterparty.

"We go to the after-party and here are these same two people," the Interscope signee said. "They by the VIP [area], kind of doing the heckling sh*t, and throwing sh*t, throwing Red Bull cans. But ain't none of it hitting me. The dude starts spitting loogies and drinking shit and spitting it. The shit started getting closer and closer to where we was at. He keeps spittin' and finally, the f*ckin' sh*t hit me. So I went over and I f*ckin' spit." (XXL Mag)

Yesterday, he got on Twitter to initially deny the hype and speculation.

"@TracyCainMedia did u REALLY see me spit on anyone or did u just read the BOLD print & force yourself to think I did ? watch it again....," he tweeted March 6th.
"these crackers in the media can make u dumb a** n*ggas believe ANYTHING. BREAKING NEWS: "Jesus got Rihanna pregnant in the club last night" (Game's Twitter)

Late Sunday evening, a detailed account of what went down at Australia's Bourbon Bar emerged online.

He gets up and approaches the girls, before lurching forward and spitting towards them. When the camera pans over to the crowd, a girl who has apparently been spat on yells "how dare you" and storms out of the nightclub along with her friends. Brydie McCreadie, 19, who filmed the video at the club on February 16 and sent it to ninemsn, said she was "disgusted" by the rapper's behaviour. "I was like, 'whoa'. At first I wasn't sure if he was spitting at me," she said. Ms McCreadie, from Southport, said she did not hear the girl next to her say anything to provoke The Game into spitting. "He was sitting there drinking. We were all a bit drunk. I think they were just excited to see him," she said. After the spit The Game is seen taking off his gold chain and passing it to members of his crew on stage. "I think he was about to start a fight or look tough," Ms McCreadie said. (Nine MSN)

Outside of the spitting incident, new footage shows Game's entourage groping a female fan during a live concert.

It looks like 'The Game' has no respect for women. Video has emerged of The Game urging an unwilling female fan to show her breasts at a show in Adelaide. In the clip below, The Game's crew, including rapper Kid Red, can be seen gathering around a woman who they had invited on stage. "Show us your t--ies," The Game yelled several times, prompting cheers from the audience. The woman appears visibly uncomfortable as Kid Red approaches her and tries to remove her top himself. When she continues to refuse, Kid Red pushes the woman off the stage onto the crowd. Enter the lawsuit, cause you know there will be one. (Opposing Views)

Check out the groping incident below:

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