News: Tyga Clears Up Specuated Gay-Bashing Tweets, "Spreading False Negativity Is A Weak Emotion To Me"

Sunday, Mar 4, 2012 9:38AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money rapper Tyga recently felt the wrath of Twitter after using some offensive language towards a gossip website, prompting public backlash from openly gay celebrity-blogger, Perez Hilton.

As the story goes, Tyga went on a Twitter tirade following rumors speculating his sexuality, that landed online.

When the issue of homosexual rappers comes up, many put Young Money rapper Tyga's name in the mix. He has always denied any gay rumors. Gossip blog MediaTakeOut insists on calling Tyga gay and he finally lashed back at them. After the blog reported Tyga was sitting in the front seat of Chris Brown's Bentley when Brown allegedly snatched a fan's phone and famously said, "B***h, you ain't putting this on the Internet!" and drove off. MTO speculated about why Breezy was so adamant about the fan not posting video of what him and Tyga were doing. The site alluded to some homosexual activities between the two and Tyga responded with a tweet that read: "who runs mediatakeout. F****ts, trannys, or both??? I'll wait.." (The Urban Daily)

The rapper's dicey choice of words caught the attention of Hilton, who lashed out at him via Twitter.

"@Tyga Because f*ggots and trannys are bad people that spread lies? That's what it sounds like you're saying. And that's very disappointing!," he tweeted February 29th. (Perez Hilton's Twitter)

In an attempt to save face, Tyga deleted his remarks and clarified what was tweeted.

"@PerezHilton have nothing against gays..Power to what u do.But spreading false negativity is a weak emotion to me.," he tweeted. (Tyga's Twitter)

Just last month, Hilton and fellow West Coast rapper Game went head-to-head over controversial anti-gay jokes.

'@PerezHilton i would say i feel you but i can't cuz that's that #FagSwag," Game tweeted February 19th.
"@PerezHilton it's just comedy champ. Stand up for what you believe in. Trust me... I'm definitely not standin in ya way lol" (Game's Twitter)

Check out some recent Tyga footage below:

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