5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Tradition's Bal' Lin Tee": "We Haven't Heard So Much Excitement Over An NBA Player Since The Days Of Bron Bron Getting Drafted"

Monday, Mar 12, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Beef

[With NBA overnight sensation Jeremy Lin continuing to raise eyebrows amongst fans and players alike, Tradition Clothing store manager Beef gives you five reasons to cop the line's fresh New York Knicks-inspired tee.]

1. They're Movin' Quick!

First things first, these Lin tees seem to be moving out of our store (whether walk-ins or online) faster than Jeremy Lin himself became a household name. We started off with a good number of shirts, and more than half of them were gone by the end of day one. For those of you who know how street wear works, don't sleep. Between limited quantities and the hype behind the man himself, these shirts are sure to be gone before you know it. If you're in the greater Los Angeles/Ventura County area, come grab one pronto! You can also find them online at www.SHOPTRADITION.com!

2. Best of Both Worlds

When looking at this Forest Lab 'Bal Lin' tee, you get the best of both worlds; sports and fashion. To the avid sports fan, you can flaunt the NBA's It-boy on this fresh tee, and to those zealous street wear heads, you can get your hands on an awesome shirt all the while staying up on that athletic tip! No doubt, this is a shirt that will start conversations and turn heads. He's the guy you see on every news network, Sports Center highlight reel, and now your shirt.

3. Spike Lee Wears It

Right, right, I'm sure you're saying, "Why would I care if Spike Lee is wearing this shirt?" but to anyone who has been a long time sports fan, you'd know this 'Bal Lin' tee is a spoof on the infamous Mars Blackmon seen in 1980's Jordan commercials. Lee was caught sporting the tee at the biggest weekend in basketball, the NBA All-Star game. It almost seemed as if it had all come full circle. Not only a huge Knicks fan, but also an avid basketball fan in general, this seemed like the perfect tee for Spike.

4. It's History In The Making

We haven't heard so much excitement over an NBA player since the days of Bron Bron [LeBron James] getting drafted out of high school. This kid is everything you wouldn't expect from an NBA superstar. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics, drafted late, and worked his way up to being the main attraction. Only thing is, it happened overnight. Lin jerseys are impossible to come by, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. What better way then to do so in a fresh, creative and humorous manner? I feel as if this is our generation's "Fernando Mania". It's crazy. No matter what team you root for, or who your favorite player is, people seem to be rooting for this guy. They want to see him shine. Maybe because he's not your average NBA super athlete, or because he was the underdog, but something about the guy makes you want to see him strive.

5. You'd Be Lin-sane Not To

Alright, I had to do one Lin-spired vocab word (Oops, or two), but c'mon, this is an awesome shirt, great quality, and not only fashionable, but also 10 years down the road, something you can look back on, or show your kids and say "I remember when this guy took basketball by storm". It outdoes your average team shirt and adds to that craze that is "LINSANITY"! Grab yours today and be a part of something that you're sure to never forget. A solid buy for sports fans, street-wear fans, and anyone in between.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new Bal' Lin tee?

To preview the shirt or cop your own, just click here.

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