News: The Clipse's Malice Bids Farewell To Rap Alias, Reveals New Name [Video]

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse's Malice has gone through with changing his rap alias after months of speculation, now officially donning the name "No Malice."

To break the news of his name-change, V.A. rapper Malice created a video bidding farewell to his old self.

Everyone bid farewell to the rapper you once knew as Malice, aka one half of coke-rap duo Clipse. And now, say hello to, um, No Malice. Yeap, that's the name Gene Thornton is choosing to go by from here on out. And he's making sure we all know that by releasing this video of him laying his former self to rest. As you'll see below, Malice is in the casket of a funeral home, where No Malice says his goodbyes and reveals that a new project, Hear Ye Him!, is due out this summer. Interesting.. (Prefix Mag)

He also took to Twitter to prove the name change is official.

On Tuesday (Mar. 6), the rapper (real name: Gene Thornton) posted on Twitter, "R.I.P. "Malice" 8/20/2002 - 3/6/2012," and linked to a video that shows him entering a funeral parlor in a dress shirt and bow tie, staring down at himself in a casket (wearing a hooded sweatshirt), shaking his head and walking away. His Twitter handle now reads @NoMalice757, and his Twitter name stands as, "aka Yes My Lord." (Billboard)

Last May, the rapper spoke about wanting to switch up his name to reflect his new lifestyle.

"I'm not a malicious person, and I don't really like answering to that. I know that people that follow The Clipse or follow my music, they know Malice, so I understand that, I get that," Malice said in an interview. "But you don't want to be under any moniker that's of evil intent, that's not you. I come to more believe that there's so much power in the tongue. The power of the tongue is life and death, so I believe if you are what you fall under whether it's in your subconscious or not. It's just me trying to clean up a little bit. But I haven't thought of that name yet. So Malicious is what it is right now." (Ruby Hornet TV)

In summer 2011, the Virginia-bred emcee killed comparisons to rapper-turned-pastor Mason "Mase" Betha.

"I'm working on a solo mixtape titled Hear Ye Him," Malice revealed in an interview. "I just think it's going to be so crazy and I'm so excited that I can't sleep at night. I can't wait to get these verses out here to the fans, especially those who thought I stopped rapping or I'm doing Christian hip-hop or gospel music or something now. I'm definitely not doing that -- I respect any vehicle that promotes Christ, so I definitely respect, but that's just not something I do. I don't think I would do a good service to gospel music or Christian hip-hop." (Karmaloop TV)

Check out Malice's name-change video below:

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