News: Soulja Boy Bangs 'Kim Kardashian', "Swag On My Nuts, B*tch" [Audio]

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 5:57PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em apparently has his eyes on curvy reality star Kim Kardashian with the new release of a track titled in her honor.

Along with dishing out his love for the 31 year-old, Soulja Boy is heard rapping "Kim-Kardashian" throughout the entire record.

"Oh my God, it's five o'clock," Soulja raps, "I'm so swag/Posted on the block -- oh my God, Kim, swaggin' in a Ferrari, Kim, girl drop that a**, Kim, it's Soulja Boy's party -- Kim Kardashian, drop it down -- swag on my nuts, b*tch -- I got the drop top, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, swag, Kim Kardashian." ("Kim Kardashian")

In addition to getting his flow compared to West Coast rapper Lil B, Soulja Boy is heard dropping the term "swag" from start to finish.

Soulja Boy rolls through with a new track, just when you assumed his ability to hop out of bed and turn his swag on might have faded. It's a song called "Kim Kardashian," and it's about Kim Kardashian, and it features the word "swag" about 7,341 times. I've always been confused by the fine line between Soulja and Lil B, and I guess it's that B's beat selection is way better (this was made on a Meowsic, clearly) and he's funnier than just saying "Kim Kardashian" a million times. What do you guys think? (Prefix Mag)

Flattered by the record, Kim has already publicly thanked Soulja Boy.

"Wow! Oh souljaboy... I love it ;-) ! #Swag RT @souljaboy: kim kardashian kim kardashian wow," she tweeted Thursday (March 8). (Kim Kardashian's Twitter)

She was spotted earlier this week at Paris Fashion Week in France.

"I just love what he designs," she gushed to us referring to Kanye West's clothing line. "Look at me, I'm dressed head to toe in his stuff." She was not wrong. She even wore his famous Giuseppe Zanotti shoes which cost nearly $6000!!! Does she feel people are unfairly harsh to him about his fashion line? Kim stood by Mr K: "In my view he's a creative genius, I think he creates beautiful clothes that women want to wear". Few might agree with this analysis, but if the route to a woman's heart is via her wardrobe, we think that Kanye and Kim are meant to be. (My Daily UK)

Check out "Kim Kardashian" below:

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