News: Somaya Reece Announces Breast Reduction Journey, "For Most Girls W/ The Big Boobies, They Know Why" [Video]

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012 11:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

"Love & Hip Hop" star Somaya Reece has officially announced plans to take action over her breast size, revealing an initiative to reduce their overall shape.

Reece said her decision is heavily influenced by the overall pain large breasts have created.

"For many many YEARS!!!! I've been considering a breast reduction. I'm sure people will be like "whyyyyy" but for most girls with the big BOOBIES they know why. Unless you're in our skin, you may not understand. At this point in my life where I really know who I am and am comfortable with who I am. I have put a lot of thought into this. My back hurts like H*LL, my bra straps are scarring my shoulders leaving these ugly red marks on them, my posture sometimes is out of whack, when I lay down my chest feels very heavy and not to mention I cannot exercise without 20 million bras on. smh Simple cardio is a project for me. I have to strap on 2 bras and 2 tank tops over the girls just to tie them down to work out comfortably. Anyways. I have thought of this for along time but didn't have the guts to see a doctor. I heard it hurts like hell. The scars don't bother me. But the pain does. I heard it burns like FIRE. But I dunno. It might jet be me over thinking. Some people around me had many selfish opinions about this. Some of them being I would lose my sex appeal or why mess with what God gave me. Sex appeal?? HONEYS! I don't care about that at all. I'm not here to sell sex, i'm here to be healthy. My fans love me for ME. For who I am, for being able to share my personal life, the ups the downs, the times i'm scared, when i'm happy etc And if people lose interest in me because of my boobs. Then I don't need or want them in my life. Fair weather fans are not anything i'm interested in." [sic] (Miss Reece)

The actress/singer revealed the operation would take place this week and bring her down to a D-cup.

"Anyhoos. I have a doctors appointment in California this week to discuss. We will see what happens. I am excited, scared, and anxious. As just an appointment about this is a serious step in my life. I personally am not worried about anyone mad at why I reduced them if I do. This isn't for anyone but me and my health. I guess if I do this it's like a make under?? lol So yeah i'm pretty nervous about the whole process but excited to know what my options are. There are a bunch of cool scarless laser techniques i'm interested in learning more about. Ideally I would like to be a D cup, I am now a 40 E I wonder how it's going to feel to be FREE from this weight on my upper body. Aggggggg I can't wait." [sic] (Miss Reece)

Outside of boob talk, Reece recently spoke to SOHH about her style of music.

"Being a Latin woman, I really wanted to always make sure to add Latin culture to my music," Reece told SOHH. "I just did my first Latin single which is going over really well in Latin America. When people think of artists, they try to box you in a certain genre. I don't want to do that. When you hear my music, you understand, 'OK, I hear hip-hop, I hear Europe-style music and I hear Latin flavor.' I don't want to be put in a box. That's why I've called my latest project Blurr The Lines because I'm blurring that line. I'm not walking in your line of a box. So it's really important because since I'm Latin, people think, 'Oh, she must do reggaeton,' because you think of rappers that are Latin and do reggaeton. But why is that? It's because so many people have made labels and boxes but I can't be defined that way." (SOHH)

Reece also admitted after years of campaigning a new sound, she is glad to see their style of hip-hop and Latin fusion finally get recognition by the masses.

"So what I'm really focused on is putting my Latin influence on my records with rap, a little hip-hop and definitely a dubstep European feel," Reece added. "I'm very heavily Latin-influenced. I've been doing this and talking about it for so long but now, this year, it's really taken off and people thought I was crazy for doing this. Look at the Top 10 records, they're Pitbull and that's really the epitome of where I'm going with my music." (SOHH)

Check out Somaya Reece speaking on her breast reduction plans below:

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