Exclusive: SOHH March Madness: "I'm Putting Kanye West At The Point Because He Wants To Win By All Means"

Monday, Mar 19, 2012 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for Future

[Starting 5: With the annual NCAA March Madness tournament in full swing, SOHH asks your favorite hip-hop artists to name their rap-based starting five team line-ups. Today, Atlanta rapper Future lays out who makes up his Free Bands.]

Point Guard: Kanye West

I'd have to go with Kanye West to lead my team. He's also a really good thinker. There's certain situations. I'm putting Kanye West at the point because he wants to win by all means and no matter what. By all means. So I'm going with Kanye.

Shooting Guard: Future

At shooting guard it would be more. I ain't missing. I'm not missing those shots.

Small Forward: Jay-Z

For the small forward I'm going to have to go with Jay-Z. I need him there because Jay brings it to the paint. When people see him, they don't want to go down there because they know what they're up again. When you go around Jay, you're going to see a big power forward.

Power Forward: Scarface

I have to go with Scarface for my power forward. I picked him because he's someone you don't want to go up against. He's hardbody.

Center: Funkmaster Flex

I'm going with Funkmaster Flex for the center. You gotta have the deejay. The deejay really sets the tone and so Flex would set the tone for the game.

Coach's Notes: n/a

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