Exclusive: SOHH March Madness: "I Have To Make Sure Jadakiss Is In There. We Need That Veteran Experience On The Team"

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 12:15PM

Written by SOHH for Don Trip

[Starting 5: With the annual NCAA March Madness tournament in full swing, SOHH asks your favorite hip-hop artists to name their rap-based starting five team line-ups. Today, Memphis rapper Don Trip announces his Spit Game ballers.]

Point Guard: Don Trip

I'm going up at the point guard. Not so much Jeremy Lin, but I am more like Jameer Nelson. I'm a bit more seasoned. So you're going to see me run the team.

Shooting Guard: Andre 3000

For my starting five, I'm going to have to put Andre 3000 at the shooting guard. He's never missing when he goes up.

Small Forward: Starlito

I'd have to put Starlito in there of course. I've got him at forward. He's going at small forward.

Power Forward: Jadakiss

I have to make sure Jadakiss is in there. We need that veteran experience on the team. We have a short team, so we're going to have him at the power forward. We need that experience.

Center: Jay-Z

I have to put Jay-Z in there as well. We've got to put him in there. That's a given.

Coach's Notes: n/a

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