5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Skinit: "You're Getting Your Own Personal Brand Here"

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Lewis Chang

[With the launch of the new iPad 3 and other must-have techy gadgets, Skinit head of marketing and e-commerce Lewis Chang gives you five reasons you need to peep their endless amounts of skins/cases.]

1. Up Close & Personal

One of the things about Skinit is it's about personaliziation. It's about getting what you're passionate about, the brands that you love and are most precious to you. Something most of us can't live without are our cell phones, iPods and laptops. Skinit allows you to do that with our on-demand customization platform. We support thousands of devices. When you go to a place like Best Buy, you only have support for about the top five or ten mobile devices at that time. So you're getting to choose from already designed styles that you may or may not want. With Skinit, we have a customization feature which allows you to upload anything you want and create anything that you want and put it onto a vinyl skin.

2. We've Got You Covered

Another reason why you should consider buying Skinit is because we're the preferred partner to many of the brands out there. We've worked for years and spent countless amounts of money to work with the NBA, NFL, Hello Kitty, Disney and movies coming out like Hunger Games because it's what we know people are excited about. We spent a lot of money to secure the rights and make sure you can put them on your devices. To top it off, with some of our partnerships with the NBA and NHL, we have it so you can customize it with your the official designs. In terms of design selection and personality and choice, there's something for everyone.

3. Pocket Saver

The best part about Skinit is it's interchangeable. It's a well-priced item at around $15 that you can change on the fly when your needs and desires fit the mood. It's not permanent and it does not leave a residue. It's your first level of protection. We also offer hardcases for some products to give them protection they want.

4. It's All About You

You're getting your own personal brand here. You can take those ideas and make them into a skin. The thoughts you have can be with you every single of your day with the exception of when you're sleeping

5. Pick & Roll

Another big reason is because of the selection. In the hip-hop world, it's the deejays and hip-hop music people who love to put their customized logos of themselves onto their laptops. The top thing we sell on Skinit is people's own personal designs. They have their own customized products that they create. We see what people are putting onto their devices and have an amazing team of graphic artists and designers that take the data from the people and create a design we feel would resonate with them.

You Decide. Will you make your own personalized Skinit cover?

To preview/purchase the skins/cases, just click here.

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