News: Royce Da 5'9 Says It's Hammer Time, Pounds Out New Slaughterhouse Record

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 4:30PM

Written by Rosario Harper

As the release date for Slaughterhouse's Welcome to: Our House sophomore album creeps closer, group member Royce Da 5'9 spills details behind their project's new lead single "Hammer Dance."

According to Royce, it was an unanimous decison to make producer AraabMuzik's record their single.

"That was something [manager] Paul Rosenberg brought to the table when we first started recording in Detroit. We were all aware of AraabMuzik and his music, so when Paul suggested him it seemed like a no brainer," Royce says. Nickel Nine tells VIBE the group didn't have any trouble choosing "Hammer Dance" as the lead single. "It always a majority decision with the group but I think with this particular record we just happen to all agree." Not only did the Shady signees release the new track, but they're hitting the road for a nationwide tour, kicking off on March 8 in Dallas, TX. (VIBE)

The group's "Hammer Dance" began circulating online earlier this week.

We'd heard awhile back that Slaughterhouse and the Shady Records camp were getting busy with araabMUZIK (I think a picture of him and Royce in the studio was released), and with the verbally surgical quartet's album well in motion, we've now got some new sounds in this araabMUZIK-produced track "Hammer Dance." The track borrows the lead guitar jingle from KoRn's "Falling Away From Me," which, you know, you can take that as you will, but it comes out in that usual MPC wizardry that araabMUZIK does. As for Joe, Joell, Royce and Crooked, they're on lyrical point as usual, and the end result of "Hammer Dance" is simply another piece of acidic Slaughterhouse hip-hop. (Ology)

In January, the quartet's sophomore album title was officially announced.

Slaughterhouse announced today the details of the group's new tour as well as confirmed that the title of their forthcoming Shady Records/Interscope album debut will be welcome to: OUR HOUSE. Executive produced by Eminem, welcome to: OUR HOUSE, to be released May 15, 2012, will be the second album from the creative collaboration of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5'9'. New music will be made available next week for fans to get their first taste of what promises to be one of the most anticipated and explosive albums of the year. (PR Newswire)

In December, group member Joe Budden said fans could expect the LP to drop in the spring.

"I want to talk about the Slaughterhouse project. It's coming this April, hopefully," Budden said during a "1st & 10" ESPN appearance. "Shout-out to my group, by the way - Royce, Joell, Crooked - signed to Eminem's Shady Records. The album's phenomenal. So I want to tell all the sports fans out there to look out for it." ("1st & 10")

Welcome to: Our House is slated to drop Tuesday, May 15th.

Check out "Hammer Dance" down below:

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