5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: RockSmith: "Our Graphic Tee Is The Perfect Icebreaker To Pick Up Chicks"

Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Erik Marino

[With spring right around the corner, RockSmith co-founder Erik Marino gives you his top five reasons to get decked out appropriately as the temperature rises.]

1. All Around The World, Same Song

We consider RockSmith to be the leading music lifestyle brand when it comes to clothing. I would say we represent a mixed culture, generation, of where hip-hop meets electronic meets rock. It's a new mindset and it's something our parents wouldn't even imagine blending together. Our team is probably one of the most multi-cultural teams out there too. Most likely your favorite artist rocks the RockSmith brand. We design every t-shirt like a mixtape. The tees run like a playlist. The same format the deejay uses to get party hype is the same way we want to get the RockSmith brand hyped. We're also partnered with Wu-Tang for some new clothing items.

2. So Fresh & So Clean

The RockSmith clientele is composed of someone who is a very savvy shopper. They have that "Oh sh*t" factor. When I say the "Oh sh*t" factor, I mean someone going up to them and saying, "Oh sh*t, where'd you get that?" It could be from the sneakers or the stand alone swag. When you walk out of the door, you're killing the game. We make a lot of special items and try to get everyone crisp from head to toe. Swaggin' Rights was our motto last year.

3. Quality of the Garments

We create a full collection of clothing. From the headwear to the bottoms, bags and accessories, we try to encompass the whole lifestyle from head to toe. We try to keep the units pretty limited so it's not like going into Gap and you're finding your everyday garments that you're going to see everyone on the block wearing. Our style has a lot of Japanese influence because the company started out in Japan but we are definitely based in New York and focus on New York designs as well. RockSmith is also known for extra pockets. You can never have enough pockets. We're consistently working to build the perfect outfit for every occassion. It's all about that head to toe.

4. Authenticity to the Culture

We really live this. The RockSmith team has a background in music and we're also out there on the streets. Whether it's Atlanta, New York or Tokyo, someone is on stage promoting parties, deejaying, producing music videos, everything. If you name it and it has something to do with streetwear culture, we're there. We have the greatest team of up-and-coming hustlers. We've featured artists before they got famous and are so happy to have played a small part in their careers. We do this for the culture.

5. Wingman Status

A RockSmith graphic tee is the perfect icebreaker to pick up chicks. For example, if you're at a party, you can have a girl walk up to you and compliment your t-shirt because it's something she's never seen before, like our Biggie and Nirvana reference t-shirt meshed up in one design. Now she has no choice but to initiate the conversation. I say wingman status because now the rest is up to you. You now got the conversation based on the tee design.

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