5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Reed Space: "We've Been Here For 10 Years. A Lot Of Boutiques Come & Go, But We're Still Here"

Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Larry Robinson

[With spring creeping closer, Reed Space Floor Manager Larry Robinson gives you his top five reasons to dig in your pockets and splurge on some must-have items.]

1. Pick & Roll

One reason you should consider buying Reed Space is because we have a variety of clothing here. We carry a little bit of everything from books, magazines, movies all the way to vinyl. People really gravitate to our chair wall where there's most of our books and magazines. We're one of the only stores that has two entrances. It's like a walk-in store. People love to buy everything here. We have our own brand, it's called Staple Design. It's a full line from jackets to pants to t-shirts and hats. We have everything.

2. Vibrant Thing

The second reason is because we have a really great vibe here. We have a great staff at Reed Space. The vibe is great if you can come in. We like to play hip-hop, R&B, rock, a little bit of everything. One day we might be playing African music and another day it might be Latin. We don't really try to play anything mainstream or radio-based. It's always different stuff to expect.

3. Empire State of Mind

Our location is great. We're on the Lower East Side of New York and it's very creative out here. There's a lot of new things going on out here. The Lower East Side is a great place to hang out. We've got a lot of culture down here. There's a lot of different people. We've been here for ten years. A lot of boutiques come and go but we're still here. People like to come and find stuff, whether it's clothing or just stickers. Ten years strong now, we're still here, same place and still rocking.

4. It's Up To You, New York

The fourth reason is because it's us and it's New York. Our logo is basically a pigeon and it represents us. A pigeon is pretty much the only bird that doesn't fly away from people. It's a bird that doesn't really care about you. You can wash your car and a pigeon will sh*t on your car right afterward, like, "Who are you?" They don't care.

5. Supply & Demand

We have a big variety of things and that's why people from the age of 15 to 75 all come in here. We're unlike any other boutique and we have it all covered. Stuff moves pretty quickly around here. You could find something one day and possibly come back a day or two later to get it but you have to be careful. Some items move faster than others. If you do come on a Wednesday, you most likely need to come back that day and get whatever it is you saw. Sometimes people will say, "I'll be back," but when they come back, that particular shirt they were looking for may be gone. It may be something like an iPhone design case we made and it could be gone.

You Decide. Will you purchase some Reed Space gear?

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