5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Reality Fighters: "Deliver Enough Punishment To Your Opponent & You Can Even Smash Them Into The Screen"

Thursday, Mar 29, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Reality Fighters PS Vita Team

[With the new Reality Fighters video game finally on store shelves, the Playstation Vita team behind its release offer up five reasons this is a must-have.]

1. Be The Man

Never before has a fighting game put you into the battle the way that Reality Fighters does. You can use either of the two cameras that PS Vita comes equipped with to scan your face directly onto a totally customizable fighter. Then you'll be able to see yourself right in the center of the action during your matches.

2. Turn Yo' Swag On

You can become whatever you want from a Kung Fu master to a hardcore hip-hop superstar by personalizing your fighter with over 400 costume pieces and 40 weapons. In addition to all that, you can customize your fighting style choosing from classic martial arts like Muay Thai and Karate or crazy styles like Zombie and Hip-Hop, and then share your finished fighter with your friends. You have total control from head to toe - no two fighters will be exactly the same.

3. It's Time To Get Real

The world around you turns into your battle ground with Reality Fighters. The game uses PS Vita's two cameras to create an augmented reality experience that lets you watch your fights take place right in front of you. From your stereo system to a city street - if you can think of it, you can battle on it. Reality Fighters even creates special effects during your matches. Deliver enough punishment to your opponent and you can even smash them into the screen with your crushing blows.

4. Mix It Up

Reality Fighters lets you stage your battles locally or take them world-wide. You can challenge a friend to a side-by-side Ad-Hoc throw down, or challenge complete strangers from around the world to online matches using PS Vita's Wi-Fi connectivity. Get yourself ranked on the leaderboard and try to maintain your position as long as possible. If you think that you need a bit of practice to help climb through the rankings, hone your fighting skills in the single player mode and train under the legendary Mr. Miyagi!

5. Insult To Injury

Before your fights, you can use PS Vita's built in microphone to record battle cries that will deliver a verbal smack down upon your opponents. Once you win a battle, snap pictures of your fighter crushing your enemy. You can scroll through different poses and even add different photographic filters to add insult to injury. Choose the most humiliating pose and shame your foe with a Facebook post.

You Decide. Will you purchase Reality Fighters for the PS Vita?

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