Underrated: "He Is An Extreme F*ckin' Lyricist"

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 1:00AM

Written by J. Bachelor for Tech N9ne

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After rapper Nefew crowned Saigon SOHH Underrated, Tech N9Ne lists a trio of spitters who he feels deserve more praise.]

Beanie Sigel, Joe Budden & Cam'ron

The most underrated MC ... man, it's alotta MC's bruh. Let's see, who do I listen to and think, "Why don't n*ggas get this?"

That's a hard question, because we in the Midwest and we don't know who listens to Beanie Sigel for real, like we listen to him and trip off his sh*t. Sigel was up there with Jay and we bumped Joe Budden first album hard. Joe be talkin' some real sh*t, n*gga! We listen to Cam'ron's album with that song "Welcome to New York City" too, he had some sh*t on there!

There's alot of them. But the f*cked up part is I don't know how many n*ggas listen to these n*ggas. Budden is an extreme f*ckin' lyricist, man. That's why they always got him in the cyphers, 'cause they know it! I don't know why they mad at him: The n*gga young but got an older soul. I been on tour with him an everything and he's a serious cat but he smiles, he smokes ... he's a character, man, but he's a good one to me.

He's kinda inside out, like me: He'll let people know what's going on. I just think more people should gravitate toward something real like that. That's just what I gather. Maybe n*ggas out there know something about him that I don't, but I was on a whole tour with Slaughterhouse and I didn't get "b*tch n*gga" out of him so I don't give a f*ck what another n*gga say. I'm just saying, that n*ggas an extreme lyricist and I feel the same way about Beanie Sigel.

I think Beanie Sigel is hella clever with the street sh*t he's on. He's a real real street n*gga. You can hear it in the lyrics. I grew up in the hood, which is the normal "rapper sh*t" to say but n*gga, I been with street n*ggas all my life, I was just the weird n*gga on the block. So I can hear that real street sh*t in Sigel's music.

With Cam'ron, he's laidback, but you can tell he's sleek as a motherf*cka with how he say his sh*t. You kinda gotta decode his sh*t sometimes and I like sh*t that makes you think.

But I can name alot of MC's that are underrated ... it's alot of rappers that I feel that way about.

Check out Joe Budden alongside Slaughterhouse with the track "Hammer Dance" below:

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