5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Pain Is Love 2": "Before Drake, Lil Wayne Or Kanye West Dominated The Radio, It Was Ja Rule"

Thursday, Mar 1, 2012 12:56AM

Written by SOHH for Seven

[With Ja Rule's long-awaited Pain Is Love 2 album finally in stores, producer Seven gives you his top five reasons to dig in your pockets and support the rapper's newest LP.]

1. The Main Attraction

Pain is Love, which sold 10 million world wide, was produced by 7 Aurelius & Irv Gotti. After that album, 7 departed from the Inc and only collaborated for a brief stint with Ashanti on 'Only U'. Although 7 and Ja had huge success working with each other the two never crossed paths again until early 2011. Ten years later you are witnessing the final chapter of what started between two creative forces in 2001 that changed the sound of radio world wide. Pain Is Love 2 marks the reunion of Ja Rule and 7 Aurelius to stellar results.

2. This Is All For You

PIL2 was recorded in the final months leading up to the start of a two-year prison sentence for Ja Rule. Name another artist that would spend his last hours of freedom recording a new hit record and his best work for his fans? This is the Ja Rule the world remembers. Get on the PIL!

3. The Sound Of Music

You cannot deny the fact that Ja Rule not only changed the sound of radio but his songs had a lasting effect on both black culture and pop culture. The production is phenomenal and larger than life.

4. Enjoy The Ride

The song writing, hooks, and overall experience is incredible. The first Pain Is Love introduced the world to Ashanti. PIL2 will introduce new artists Leah Siegal, Anita Louise, Somong and Jon Doe.

5. Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't

Although the true success of this album will not be based off sales alone, it is important to note that every Ja Rule album ever released has sold at least a million copies. This is his first record in seven years. Those who have heard it are calling PIL2 his best album to date. Before Drake, Lil Wayne or Kanye dominated the radio it was Ja Rule. For 4 years, you could not turn on the radio without hearing Ja Rule or one of his many hit collaborations including Ashanti, Mary J Blige, Christina Milian, Mariah Carey & J. Lo. 30 million albums sold!

You Decide. Will you purchase Pain Is Love 2?

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