News: Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt Gives First Radio Interview [Video]

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 5:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Today, Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has given New York's Hot 97 radio station his first interview since returning from an extensive music hiatus a few months ago.

Talking to radio personality Peter Rosenberg, Sweatshirt spoke on learning of OF's 2011 breakthrough success through the power of the Internet.

"Were you talking to people, aware that s---'s going bananas?" the venerable DJ asks an extremely timid Earl who was put in boarding school in June of 2010, just as Odd Future began their meteoric rise to fame. "I was aware, I mean, because ... the Internet." "Were you aware that you were missing out on something this insane? Were you pissed? Were you annoyed?" Rosenberg responded. "Yeah initially, but then I also got to f---ing see that all this s--- isn't fun all the time." Earl, of course, was speaking of the block that he grew up on. An area of Los Angeles where he could skate and mess around on the pavement until the sun went down. But with the group's rise in fame, Sweatshirt can't walk through his home turf without fans asking for pictures and autographs. (The Boom Box)

A few weeks ago, OF's Hodgy Beats remained mum when asked about Earl's return.

"Sh*t, man, it's a different recording and sh*t without Earl. N*ggas did they thing on every song," Hodgy said in an interview on Friday (March 2), referring to an upcoming group mixtape. "Earl back. Uh, I'd rather not even really speak on it. Let's just say that. But Earl is back." (East Village Radio)

In February, the rapper started up a Twitter account and offered his take on the public's perception of him.

"the people who know absolutely nothing voice their opinions the loudest. jesus," he tweeted February 9th.
"i'm the subject of the most ridiculous myths and theories of this decade. f*ck expectations."
"oh. btw. i do not remotely f*ck with tyler craven even kind of." (Earl Sweatshirt's Twitter)

Last year, a teenager named Tyler Craven spoke on Earl Sweatshirt's alleged whereabouts after months of seclusion.

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Tyler Craven, the 17-year-old Virginia native who attended Coral Reef Academy in Samoa with Earl Sweatshirt. The previous post consisted of Facebook screenshots and other digital detective tactics similar to those Complex employed when we originally found Earl. We got on the phone with Tyler Craven and he had a lot to say about the nine months he spent in the program, many of them with the missing Odd Future star he calls by his government name, Thebe Kgositsile. From being there with Earl as OFWGKTA was blowing up to day-to-day life at the academy, we have all the details that we need to close this chapter on the Earl Sweatshirt saga until he returns home. (Complex)

Check out Earl Sweatshirt's interview below:

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