5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "No Trespassing": "The Sh*t Just Sounds Good. At My Age, It's Almost Unheard Of To Have An Album You Want To Listen To"

Friday, Mar 23, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Too Short

[With the new No Trespassing album finally on store shelves, rap veteran Too Short gives you five reasons to dig in those pockets and consider buying his latest solo effort.]

1. Old School, New School

The first reason is because it's kind of a nostalgic album for any real Too Short fan that's been a fan long before I made songs like "Shake That Monkey" and "Blow The Whistle." It's for those fans that came up with me in the 1980's and 1990's. This is kind of a throwback and something I had in mind. It's not something I wanted to make sound old, but something that real Too Short fans could play over and over again.

2. Big Things Poppin'

The second reason is because even though people say I make nothing but negative sh*t talking bad about the females, I'm proving you wrong. Basically, I feel this album is much bigger than that. I don't have a fan base that's only all dudes. I have a really mixed fan base of people. I feel like I did this album for the sake of breaking down that age barrier. I've got a lot of fans and I confront them a lot. I just want to show people you don't have to stop making hip-hop music because of your age. That's a bad stereotype.

3. Can't We All Just Get Along

Another reason is because there's a lot of older hip-hop people that are saying the new hip-hop is wack. If you make a lot of money and keep the party going, you can't tell the younger generation that sh*t. They love the music. I want Too Short fans to know I didn't step out of the box but I took a slightly different approach to the stuff I rapped about, the selections and topics. It's still Too Short but I talk about a few different areas of a relationship that you're not used to seeing. You'll see all of my new music videos and see

4. Hear Me Out

One reason is because the sh*t just sounds good. At my age, it's almost unheard of for a rapper to have an album you want to listen to. I'm getting a lot of comments from people that haven't heard from me in a while. I'm trying to show a more mature look on this album. I think my grown man image is going to be seen on here.

5. Guess Who's Invited

The final reason would be because people are so much into features now and so I've got everyone from E-40 to 50 Cent on here. Dom Kennedy. Twista. Devin the Dude. The collaborations are all over the album. I've got the new artists on here and then I've got the OG's as well.

You Decide. Will you purchase No Trespassing?

To preview/purchase the album, just click here.

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