News: Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Biggest Foe, "It's My Worst Enemy"

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 6:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money star Nicki Minaj graces the cover of Complex's new 10th Anniversary issue, dishing out her fear of cameras and boasting about self-management prowess.

Based on excerpts from the interview, Minaj said her issue with cameras center on their story-telling capabilities.

"I hate cameras. I hate cameras and I hate camera phones. The camera's my worst enemy and my best friend. It's the way I convey my emotions to the world without saying a word, so I use it. People always say, "You come alive as soon as the camera's on!" ... I'm the biggest homebody. But I've been like this. Nothing about me has changed since I got fame. I never liked to go to clubs. I never liked to go out. I don't know where that public craziness came from. I was always like a comedian to my friends and family, but in a lot of ways I'm shy. I think people read my shyness as being mean. They misinterpret it. The first and only person who ever called me out for being shy was [Lil] Wayne." (Complex)

She also speaks on holding down her own fort and not being guided by managers.

"People assume that I am not the brains behind this operation, and they don't give me my credit. I could give two f*cks about credit. I just want you to leave me the f*ck alone. Let me do me. Don't tell me how to pose; I know how to pose. When I'm recording, I just have to go in and do it, you know?," Minaj says. "Even my engineer thinks I'm crazy because I'll hear something different on a track, and he'll insist, "No, no, nothing was moved." [But I tell him] "Tony, something was moved." And later, sure enough, "You were right, there was a two-second delay here." (Complex)

Staying busy, Minaj sealed an endorsement deal with mega soda company Pepsi this week.

According to Forbes, the 29-year-old rapper sealed an endorsement deal and already filmed her first commercial for the beverage giant last month in South America. "You'll see the commercial probably in the next two months," Derek Jackson, the agent who hashed out the agreement, told the magazine. "That'll be a segue into a new beverage Pepsi has called Pop and she'll be the face of the brand. It's going to be explosive." (E! Online)

Not alone in the soda venture, the rapper's Young Money boss Lil Wayne recently teamed with Mountain Dew.

The female Weezy isn't the only one with a new pepsi deal, her mentor Lil Wayne also inked a major deal with the brand. Weezy debut his "DEWEEZY" campaign with Pepsi's Mountain Dew earlier last week at the SXSW festival. Wayne's deal also presents an option for the MC to create an original film which will also be financed by the brand. (RapFix)

Check out some recent Nicki Minaj footage below:

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