News: Nicki Minaj Maps Out Marriage & Kid Plans, "I Really Need A Baby Boy In My Life"

Wednesday, Mar 21, 2012 10:35AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

As Young Money star Nicki Minaj enters 30 this year, she opens up on her desires for a speedy marriage as well as children, in the latest issue of Complex magazine.

While not gunning for a particular number of kids, Minaj said she has to have at least one baby boy in the next 10 years.

"In 2022, I'll definitely be married and I'll definitely have my two children," she revealed. "OK, I might have three, but I do want at least one boy. No, no, no. I don't think I even need a girl. I need a boy though. ... I really need a boy in my life. A baby boy. Because...I'm so attached to my little brother and I felt like that was my real son. And boys, they're just so, I don't know... My heart just melts when I see them." (Complex)

In a recent Cosmopolitan feature, Nicki gushed about her desire to start a family.

Having gotten past those low points, the MC tells the magazine that she has firm plans for a bright future. "I will have put out five albums and will have an Oscar and Grammys," she predicted. "And I will be getting married and, a couple of years after that will have a bun in the oven. ... My whole life is about being Nicki Minaj now. It's a never-ending saga." (MTV)

Last year, the rap star imagined sharing kids with Young Money label-mate Drake.

"I think they'll definitely have my personality," Nicki explained. "My mother-in-law will be super beautiful, so that's good 'cause Drake's mom is freaking amazing. I love her. They'll have Drake's intelligence, they'll have his sarcastic wittiness that I love about him, they'll have his songwriting skills. I think we'll just make a real creative bunch of kids. Wait, did I just say that me and Drake will make kids? ... I think that would be like incest or something. Do you think they'd be more talented than Jaden and Willow [Smith], if me and Drake really did that?" (Tim Westwood TV)

In 2010, the rapper said she hoped to one day make contributions to international countries.

"When I was little I would've loved to go to dance class, but my mother couldn't afford it. I want to get some real top-notch buildings and teachers to help kids sing, play instruments and dance. And I want to do things in Trinidad and Africa...I'd write a sketch comedy, 'Nicki Minaj Presents: Curb Your Enthusiasm.' I'd star in it with my best friend and Larry David because he makes me cry laughing. I love dry humor." (VIBE)

Check out some past Nicki Minaj footage below:

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