News: Nicki Minaj Gets Pink Eye, Splattered W/ Paint On "Roman Reloaded" Album Cover

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 8:36AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With her long-awaited Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album just a month away from hitting stores, Young Money star Nicki Minaj is teasing fans by releasing her sophomore LP's cover art this week.

On her new cover, Nicki is decked out in pink face paint, donning a blonde wig.

Nicki Minaj has revealed the cover art for her 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' album, which is slated for release on April 3. Surprisingly, for an LP that is supposed to be recorded mainly in the voice of Nicki's unforgiving, crazed alter ego Roman Zolanski, the cover art is bright and colorful. The splattered paint effect against the stark white background also makes us think of Willow's video for 'Whip My Hair.' The text below the picture of Nicki, who is staring us down wearing her colorful makeup and mega lashes, kind of looks like something you'd see on an old-school Lisa Frank folder. (Pop Crush)

While the artwork circulated online, Nicki hopped on Twitter to confirm the LP's April 3rd release date.

Nicki tweeted out the cover artwork earlier today and changed her Twitter skin to reflect the new look. "Pink Friday: ROMAN RELOADED | April 3rd | #AlbumCover#ItBangBang," she wrote. Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts, which was largely divided. While die-hard Barbz gushed over it with sentiments like "Album cover ... I think I just died" and "Love it", detractors weren't too impressed: "You look a mess boo LMAO" and "Why is album artwork so terrible lately?" (RapFix)

In 2010, photographer GL Wood broke down the science behind Nicki's eye-catching Pink Friday cover.

"[Nicki] wanted to rip her arms off to really do the whole Barbie theme, like when little girls trash their dolls," says photographer GL Wood. "She wanted to look like one of those broken Barbies." Mission accomplished. Woods, who took similar shots of Minaj in the October issue of Out magazine says the rapper was inspired by their original shoot and wanted to go in the same direction but crazier. When Pink Friday drops November 22, Woods says fans can expect album artwork featuring girly aesthetics and more of Minaj's never-ending legs. One idea Woods says he wished made it inside would've thrown her even more left-field. "I had an idea to cut up pieces of her and paste it back together. It still would kind of look like her, but it would be sliced apart and taped a little off centered." (VIBE)

Producer RedOne recently spoke on contributing to Minaj's upcoming LP.

"It's four songs we did," Red said in an interview. "The tracks that I've worked with on Nicki Minaj are amazing, incredible. To be honest, I am so happy and excited for what people are going to think. She's an incredible artist, very inspiring. A character, a beautiful person, it's all in one." (Billboard)

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is slated to hit stores Tuesday, April 3rd.

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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