News: Nas Teases The Fans, Flaunts His "Don" Status

Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 8:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Nas is giving fans reason to get excited once again by releasing the cover art for a new single titled "The Don" slated to premiere this evening.

In Nas' artwork, the Queens, New York-bred rapper's hand is shown rocking a golden pinky ring.

Taking hiatuses are somewhat of a forte for Nas. After stepping back into the mindset of that hungry young rapper from the Queensbridge Projects and returning with "Nasty" in June of last year (with the video arriving later in October), God's Son seemingly set up shop and took off once again, averting his focus on writing raps for K'Naan, Rick Ross and Chris Brown (the latter we have yet to look forward to). Unveiling the cover art for his new single "The Don" today, however, indicates at a much more welcoming turn (or U-turn, depending on how you look at it). If the pinky piece is anything to go by, this forthcoming track looks to accompany "Nasty" in heavyweight company as the potential second single from the record. (Soul Culture UK)

While details remain slim, late music veteran Heavy D is rumored to be associated with the track.

Nas is expected to debut a brand new single, "The Don" tomorrow night (March 15) with Hot 97?s Funkmaster Flex, a source close to the rapper exclusively confirmed to Although the producer of the track hasn't been confirmed as of press time, the same source revealed that the late and legendary Heavy D is rumored to be a co-producer on the record. (XXL Mag)

Production duo Da Internz recently hinted at what fans can expect from the rapper's upcoming new LP.

"Nas is so cool, he's so down-to-earth, and he's so about allowing us to do our job as producers and let us put our vision on it," Kosine told Rap-Up TV. "It's been a dream come true." The "Nasty" MC is sounding hungry on his new material. "This Nas album is not the Nas that is just like, This is cool. This is cute," explained Tuo. "This is the Nas like really, 'I'm trying to tear the skin off your face.' He's not playing around. Nas is taking you back to the lyrics and concepts like It Was Written." (Rap-Up)

In February, the Queens Bridge native broke the news of his album's long-awaited completion.

"Ayo Jung! Ya Bday comin!! We goin in. 5 days NONSTOP!!! Plus we celebrating my LP being WRAPPED!!!!!!," he tweeted February 23rd. (Nas' Twitter)

Check out some recent Nas footage below:

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