News: Mystikal Turned Away From Rap Behind Bars, "I Kinda Disconnected From The Hip-Hop Scene, 'Cause That Was Painful"

Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 4:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former convict and newly signed YMCMB artist, Mystikal, recently reflected on life behind bars and how he intentionally stayed away from keeping up with the rap scene while serving a 5 year bid.

Although he admits there was a temporary disconnection, Mystikal said rap stars like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj always caught his attention.

In 2004, the former No Limit Records star went to prison on charges of sexual battery, extortion and failing to file tax returns. He was released in 2010, and though he has been working on music ever since, his biggest news came in December when he officially announced his signing to Cash Money. Going from behind bars to spitting bars alongside Lil Wayne is quite a feat. "The hardest part was making the transition from everything that I was doing to everything that I was able to do," the Tarantula said of his adjustment from rap star to inmate. "I kinda disconnected from the hip-hop scene, 'cause that was painful, man. To look at TV, like, I wasn't on there." One of the rappers he would constantly see on the television: Weezy, of course. "That was one you couldn't avoid, that whole camp and Drake and Nicki," he said. "And the whole time, working it out like, 'That's where I'm going anyway.' " (MTV)

Shortly after his January 2010 release from jail, Mystikal gave all rappers a stern warning to avoid prison, along with words of wisdom on life.

"It's crazy. A lot of people ask me if I feel like [the government's] targeting rappers, and I guess there's truth to that, but the bottom line is, I'm in control of the decisions I make. I'm in control of the positions that I allow myself to be in. I'm in control of the muthaf*ckas I have around me. So in all those areas, I f*cked up. So it ultimately falls on me. So you got to wise up with the decisions you make, especially if you f*ckin' successful. Respect your success. I came off the throne to try to show somebody to just pay attention to what the f*ck you do 'cause it can cost you. Look how much it cost me, man. Six years. I'd be at that $100 million mark right now. I guarantee you. So now they done pissed me off. Now I want $200 million." (Complex)

Before his actual release, Mystikal was charged with battery and served time for a sexual assault case.

The rap star was imprisoned due to forcing his hairstylist to have sex with him several years ago, as well as an extortion charge. He initially denied the assault crime, until a videotape of the incident was discovered at his home. Mystikal plead guilty to the charges he faced in 2003, and then began a six year prison sentence in Louisiana State Prison system. During his prison sentence, he was also charged and convicted of misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns for 1998 and 1999. Mystikal began serving his time after January 16, 2004. (Gather)

With his past now behind him, Mystikal is currently focused on dropping a new album through Cash Money Records.

"I know y'all been waiting on that thing and it's gonna be titled Original," he revealed. "Those six years I was gone [behind bars], I never cried. I pouted and fussed, but during the making of this ['Original'] video, I was fighting back tears like Diana Ross. ... [Biggest lesson in rap?] Surroundings. Watch your surroundings and pay attention to them. Bees do not hang with flies. Believe that." ("106 & Park")

Check out some recent Mystikal footage below:

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