5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: MLB 12 The Show: "You Can Take The Full MLB Experience On The Road Just Like The Players Do"

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 12:24AM

Written by SOHH for Ramone Russell

[With baseball season just days away from starting back up, SCEA San Diego Studio designer Ramone Russell gives you his top five reasons to consider buying the new MLB 12 The Show.]

1. Real-Life Vibes

When you can't be at the ballpark, the next best thing is absolutely playing a game of MLB 12 The Show. This year our TruBroadcast presentations truly blur the lines between reality and the in-game experience - we've completely refined the look and feel of the game with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI), revamped cameras, and expanded audio. Every single nuance of the stadium is seen on-screen from the coke bottle at AT&T Park in San Francisco to the planes that fly by the outfield at Petco Park in San Diego.

2. You Do The Math

True ball physics in The Show this year, which means there's proper spin for balls that bounce off the bases, the pitcher's mound and rubber, and other surfaces on the field. Basically, if the ball bounces off [New York Yankees pitcher] CC Sabathia's glove or the mound while he's pitching it's going to bounce realistically using actual math for a spinning ball hitting these surfaces.

3. Movin' Time

Now players can use the PlayStation Move motion controller in all game modes so you can use it to pitch with [Dodgers' pitcher] Clayton Kershaw or swing the bat while playing as [Dodgers outfielder] Matt Kemp. Imagine being at the virtual plate and seeing [San Francisco Giants catcher] Buster Posey's hands move as you move--pretty cool!

4. Fun Doesn't Stop On-The-Go

MLB 12 The Show is available on PlayStation Vita so users can enjoy all of the core modes of play found in the PS3 game (Exhibition, Season, Franchise, Home Run Derby, online play, Road to The Show, etc.). What's really cool though is that if you're in the middle of a season with the Giants on PS3, you can save your season up to the cloud, then load it onto your PS Vita, where you can continue playing, anytime, anywhere. So, you can take the full MLB experience on the road, just like the players do.

5. Diamonds Are Forever

Two words - Diamond Dynasty. This new mode juggles aspects of team management, player progression, and online competition with more creative freedom than any sports game to date. Players can build a team through virtual baseball cards and customize all aspects of that team by managing its performance, training, and budget against other players or against the CPU. It's completely addictive, trust me!

You Decide. Will you purchase MLB 12 The Show?

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