The Score: "Mass Effect 3 Is The Equivalent Of A Well-Written Sci-Fi TV Series"

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012 1:50PM

Written by J. Bachelor

THE SCORE 9.4/10
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  • Mass Effect 3
  • Playstation 3, X-Box 360
  • March 6, 2012
Game Spot 9/10
IGN 9.5/10
Blast Reviews 9/10
The Guardian 5/5

It's finally here. One of the year's most anticipated science fiction games has hit the market, as the third and final installment of the Mass Effect series soars onto shelves beginning today (March 6).

In Mass Effect 3, our hero Shepard must once again bust his guns on the Reapers, an alien race bent on controlling the galaxy.

"Mass Effect 3," the final installment in the tale of Commander Shepard and his fight to save the universe, brings the series to a resounding and satisfying crescendo with tight combat, excellent storytelling and majestic visual effects. Released in the United States on Tuesday, the game finds Shepard once again facing off against the Reapers, a race of sentient machines bent on eliminating all intelligent life in the universe. This time, the Reapers have come for Earth and Shepard must rally alien races from around the universe.(

With the ability to arm yourself with up to five weapons at once, the action is sure to commence early and come often.

The same diversity is present in your arsenal. Regardless of character class, any weapon is available. In fact, you can carry all five weapon types at once. How the game balances this opportunity is through the best application of weight encumbrance in any modern role-playing game; Shepard does not slow down, his biotic powers recharge very slowly. The player has the choice to focus on guns instead of throwing shockwave every few seconds. The weapons themselves are also more diverse. Each weapons type has many (maybe 10+) versions that are unlocked through the game, all of them handling, feeling and looking distinct. Each of these weapons can be upgraded up to five times for relatively modest costs, allowing the player to figure out what suits their play style before heavily investing. Mods, once again, about five to each weapon class, are available and upgradeable, with two slots for mods open for each weapon.(G4TV)

Mass Effect 3 remains true to its predecessors by offering a nice assortment of weapons as the game also has improved character mechanics.

While the basic mechanics of the game haven't been altered - the wheel that lets you select weapons and powers is the same as ever, for example - BioWare has indulged in plenty of judicious tweaking. This time around, Shepard is noticeably more mobile and moves in a more fluid way, which is handy in a firefight. The layout of the Normandy has changed (it's back to being an alliance, rather than Cerberus, ship), and the mining mechanic has been abandoned as being irrelevant in the context of a universe-wide war. Instead, the Alliance funds you, which is a lot simpler than fiddling around looking for rare elements. And there are plenty of random missions to be found on planets beset by the Reapers.(Guardian)

Reviewers applaud the game's lifelike landscape, capturing what would likely be feel of a world on the verge of apocalypse.

The level design doesn't feel tailored to compensate for mechanical limitations. Instead, combat spaces feel organic, like lived-in places that offer various tactical options. More simply, Mass Effect 3 plays well. Stalking from cover-point to cover-point laying waste to indoctrinated humans, turians, and other, more horrifying creations is empowering, and smart players will likewise be rewarded for their tactical considerations. Prioritizing enemy types, flanking, and quick shooting are all vital to success in Mass Effect 3's battles.(The Verge)

Critics are united: Mass Effect 3 is a triumph and gamer-approved. The combination of well conceived plots and captivating game play not only make it a must own, but also a terrific way to end the popular sci-fi franchise.

Essentially, Mass Effect 3 is the equivalent of a well-written sci-fi TV series, except in game form. It has the same awful cliches and slightly hammy characters, but yet it pulls you in by creating a believable universe in which you are the most important player (and are constantly told so, something for the narcissists among you to consider) and you genuinely feel like you matter. Aside from that, the gameplay itself is well done in all aspects, and whilst not ever really excelling in a single one, this consistency actually makes it better than it would be if it was just taken on the merits of its individual parts.(Holy Moly)
Mass Effect 3 achieves everything it set out to do. It is a narrative powerhouse with excellent game play, customization options, and production values - from the writing to the voice acting. Combat is worthy of a game all on its own. And while the space travel leaves much to be desired, the game is an intense masterpiece. For those of us who have only half-emerged ourselves in the story, and for those who have played all the way through, the third Mass Effect has something to offer. Few games pack such an emotional punch. (Forbes)

Check out the game's cinematic trailer below:

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