5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: MANN Buzzin Watch: "It's Digital Crystals Which Are Very Rare & Original. I Didn't Even Know It Exists"

Monday, Mar 19, 2012 12:08AM

Written by SOHH for MANN

[With spring just a couple days away, West Coast rap newcomer MANN gives you his top five reasons to check out his new Phosphor Buzzin Watch and get ready to impress your onlookers.]

1. All-Black Everything

I think the first reason why you should consider getting the watch is because it's digital crystals which are very rare and very original. I think that's a good conversation starter off top. That's a good look. The digital crystals are something that was presented to me and I didn't even know they exist. I wanted to make sure this was special so when I saw the digital crystals and say it's something that nobody else had done, I knew I wanted to put my name behind it.

2. This Is A MANN's World

The second reason is because I picked the design and it's a personal MANN Buzzin Watch. It has everything to do with me. When this watch was presented to me, I'm really into gold, so I wanted to make a gold face and make some different variations of the watches. I have new gold watches and other special things coming out really soon. Those are the ones I really designed and wanted to make fly. I put my part in and piece into the watch.

3. Haute Living

The third reason is because a lot of my artistry is in this watch. You will be in good company if you wear it. Only some of the best people I know wear this watch. It's still exclusive now. It's one of those things where you only wear it in a cool, little circle of people. I've been signed to Def Jam for a cool two three years and I've had this watch situation for about two years. A lot of people were seeing me with it at video shoots and everyone started asking me for one. When I say it's in good company, it's really an exclusive watch.

4. Pony Up

The fourth reason is because it's not very expensive. The way it looks, a lot of people think it's a lot more expensive than what it is. But it's actually a pretty affordable watch. If you're a watch lover, you're going to be really surprised at the price. The watch by itself gets so much attention wherever I go. It's really worth a lot. You don't have to be a super big actor or performer to get the watch.

5. Dannon Moment

The last reason is because everyone in the Dannon crew wears it. If you want to be down with the Dannon, if you want to be with the cool kids, you want to have this watch. My whole gang and crew are wearing the watch. Dannon is a group of artists, mainly from California, and we all came together. I may be a bit bias, but I think we're some of the best artists in the industry. We're like California's best kept secret.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new MANN Buzzin Watch?

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