SOHH Whatcha Think: Lupe Talks New Album, Quits Mixtape Game + Kardashian Put In Cuffs?!?

Monday, Mar 26, 2012 12:00PM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka Touché Fiasco

Does the game still have love for Lupe Fiasco? I admit, back in 2005, I thought Lupe was gonna be that n*gga to take the game over. Thought he was really gonna take the throne. Bu things don't always pan out the way you assume they would and it seems his greatest years have already come and gone.

One thing that I really enjoyed were his mixtapes. Which is why I was shocked to see that he had decided to close the door on that part of his career. The Chicago spitter recently told a crowd that he was done making mixtapes.

"We got a long, illustrious career on the mixtape circuit, right?" said Lupe. "Some pretty groundbreaking things on those mixtapes, right?" Lupe continued his self-congratulatory speech, saying, "So, in light of that history of amazing, lyrical feats and superb wordsmith-ness, I am sad to say tonight that there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes."(Hip Hop DX)

Of course, people weren't happy to hear that. But, a bit of (possibly) good news: Food & Liqour 2 was complete. He even announced a (possible) release date.

The announcement was met with a smattering of boos from the crowd, but Lupe continued making announcements unabated. "Second piece of announcements. ...Food & Liquor 2 is done. Release date? I dunno. Let's just say...July. The only thing that's holding Food & Liquor 2 whether or not it's gonna be a double CD or not."(Hip Hop DX)

SOHH Watcha Think: Is Lupe REALLY quitting mixtapes? He can be a bit dramatic -- it wasn't too long ago he considered quitting rap and quitting Twitter. Also, how high are your expectations for F&L 2?

In other news ... not even two weeks since his famous older sister was flour-bombed on the red carpet, Rob Kardashian has made headlines after being placed in cuffs for chasing down a photographer.

Rob Kardashian tried joking around with a paparazzo in Miami early Sunday morning ... and he ended up handcuffed and nearly arrested as a result ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to Rob tell TMZ he was out with some friends when he saw a photog taking pictures from across the street. We're told Rob thought it would be funny to start sprinting towards the photog ... but the photog didn't laugh and instead ran away screaming for help.(TMZ)

Rob claims he was just "playing" with the camera guy, but the police weren't laughing, neither was the photographer who reportedly ran off screaming.

According to our sources, Rob followed the guy into a smoke shop to try and clear the air (no pun intended) but the police saw the whole thing and decided to get involved. We're told cops interviewed both Rob and the photog -- even putting Rob in the back of a police car. But after Rob explained to them it was all a misunderstanding, he was released. (TMZ)

Peep the video below:

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