5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Lo-Fi Fingahz": "You Have Those Artists That Are Selling Out & Making Compromises. Not Me"

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 12:00AM

Written by SOHH for Gensu Dean

[With the new Lo-Fi Fingahz album finally in stores, Texas producer Gensu Dean gives you his top five reasons to pick-up this must-buy LP.]

1. It's A Different World

One reason would be the diverse sound. Music today, in hip-hop, a lot of the sh*t sounds the same. It was my goal, when I set out to make music years ago, to always maintain a certain element in the music but still keeping it diverse. With my debut, it's still that. Even the equipment I use helped hip-hop during the golden era. When people hear my album, they'll notice it'll stand out sonically.

2. Invitation-Only

The second reason is the arrary of talent. I have a lot of legendary artists on here supporting my movement. You're going to see Brand Nubian, Lord Jamar, Large Professor, David Banner, these people really support what I do and I support them as well. I have some not-so-known artists on the album that really went in and brought their A-game. Nobody breaks new artists. People bring their crew on board or their whole album is full of features we already know. I wanted to find new and up-and-coming artists that didn't really have that much burn and showcase them, showcase their skill on some raw, dope joints.

3. How About Some Hardcore

Number three is because it's hardcore hip-hop. It's back to the basics. I think it's really important to study the lane you're in. I was listening to the up-and-coming producers putting out albums and a lot of people were getting away from the basics. I heard a lot of people just chopping up drums, chopping up the loops, having the emcees spit and doing their thing. I wanted to get back to the basics. It's really super hardcore hip-hop.

4. I Swear To Tell The Truth

The fourth reason is because it's honest. This is an honest piece of work. It is who I am. My alias is Lo-Fi Fingahz. There's no silver, platinum bling-bling. It's about life. I still go and dig for records, I still cut up the drums, I'm still using vintage gear. My whole appraoch to music production is honest. That comes out in the music and the artists I was blessed to work with. They all weigh in with what the honest music they felt.

5. Special Delivery

Special. I think the last reason is because this is special. People cut corners and do things to put out music. You have those arists that are selling out and making compromises, not me. Everything that went into making this record was all special. They all had some sort of special circumstances behind it. It adds an extra texture behind the music. I think it's going to touch people with the diversity of the music and artists.

You Decide. Will you purchase Lo-Fi Fingahz?

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