News: Lil Wayne Says Don't Expect Trukfit To Swagger Jack, "That Just Ain't Me"

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012 10:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With Grammy-award winning rapper Lil Wayne raising the stakes for competing fashion brands by launching his new Trukfit clothing line, the Young Money leader has vowed not to make the brand a carbon copy of his competition.

With the clothing brand still under development, Weezy said Trukfit's designs may change as frequently as his mind does.

Weezy's first clothing line, Trukfit, is simply a reflection of the current digs he's into wearing. Skateboard influenced, yes, but don't label his brand anything yet. YMCMB's head figure has ideas that change on a daily basis. He tells VIBE his sense of fashion comes from no one else but the man in the mirror. "I'm really fond of Marc Jacobs as a designer. Everybody knows I love Polo," Weezy tells VIBE. "But as far as me being fixated on some person's style, that just ain't... nahhh. That just ain't me." Ultimately, Wayne says he doesn't even pay attention to the fact that his style choices influence kids from all over the world. "Nah, I don't be trippin. I just love the opportunity," Weezy says after explaining how his brand will give kids from all backgrounds the opportunity to "dress fly." (VIBE)

In January, his manager Cortez Bryant offered some details on Wayne's new Trukfit clothing company.

"This line is derived from what he represents, which is a lot," says Bryant. "It's skate. It's street. It's pop. It's rock. It's country. It's anything! You can't put Wayne in a box, and you can't put what he wears in a box. One day he's in snowboots, the next day he's in a godd*mn fitted cap and locs, N.W.A. style. He's unusual." Calling himself the "executor" of Wayne's "vision," he suggested that each shipment of TRUKFIT will reflect a new facet of the line's evolving aesthetics. Also, it will develop at an accelerated pace, like the generation of buyers it hopes to attract. "Just like pop culture, there's a lot going on at once here," Bryant explains. "Social and digital media brings culture to a broad space, where gender, race, class doesn't matter. TRUKFIT also refuses to be categorized. When it comes to Wayne, it's never about what anyone else is doing." (Rolling Stone)

Recently, Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons expressed his feelings on why Trukfit could possibly strive in the fashion world.

"It's just that the young men's brands that had culture in them have grown up and all these young men's brands have a shelf life," Simmons said in a video. "So all of them, Sean John's, Rocawear's and Phat Farms, those things have a certain cultural space and a lot of young people have grown out of it. A lot of young people have new inspirations and they need something cultural that speaks to them. I think what Lil Wayne does speaks to the next generation and I think there's a big, giant white space. ... The billions of dollars in young men's brands, a lot of those people are buying Ralph [Lauren] now or they're buying men's brands and there's no new inspiration. So I came to see what Lil Wayne was doing. He's hitting the nail right on the head. It's exactly what they need. The young people need something from their generation that's inspiring, speaks their language and that's what this brand does." (Karmaloop TV)

Around mid-January, Wayne celebrated the release of his new line at a New York City event.

Thursday night (Jan. 12), the 'John' rapper threw a party for his new clothing line, held at El Privado inside Hotel Americano in New York City. was witness to the festivities and those in attendance, including models wearing silver face paint and wearing Wayne's Trukfit gear. The rap star showed up to the event, snapped photos and showed off his appreciation for his brand by wearing one of the T-shirts. He chose to sport a pink one decorated with a fitted hat-wearing man holding a skateboard. Wayne's tagline for the brand is "Respect Few, Fear None." The Trukfit name was inspired by his youth. (The Boom Box)

Check out Russell Simmons co-signing Trukfit below:

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