News: Lil Wayne No-Shows For "Jimmy Kimmel" Interview, Host Introduces Weezy Fake Baby

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne reportedly skipped out on a televised interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (March 1), prompting the host to introduce a Weezy stand-in.

Showcasing his prowess as the leading late-night talk show host of ABC, Kimmel allegedly pulled a member of his audience from the crowd and "transformed" them into the popular rap persona.

Oprah isn't too big to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, but apparently Lil Wayne is. The controversial rapper, who has spent time in prison, was a no show for the late night talk show on Thursday. So Jimmy plucked an African-American man from the audience put a wig and hat on him and made him pose as the rapper. He introduced him as "someone who has multiple platinum records and criminal records." Car the librarian was a good sport playing along for a painfully long six minutes. Jimmy finally admitted that Carl looked more like "Whoopi Goldberg than Lil Wayne," and confessed, "I don't think we'll win an Emmy for this one!" (RumorFix)

On the day he was supposedly scheduled to give the interview, Wayne posted the following Twitter message:

"Dope azzz sesh wit my F.F. Mob! KcUF yo style nuggga!! Truk yo bit5h.S/O @MikeBanger,Adam Z.,Danny F.,and the other homie...Mula! Oh Mula!!," Wayne tweeted March 1st. (Lil Wayne's Twitter)

Coincidentally, Wayne is still addressing a 2008 dispute claiming he was a no-show for a Bahamas concert as well.

When he failed to show, Red Light claims cops showed up to the rapper's hotel room and found him unconscious. But Weezy insists it's all BS -- claiming, "At no point [that night] did I become so intoxicated that I passed out on a bed in my suit, or anywhere else." Wayne says the real reason he didn't show up was because the concert was canceled -- he can't remember exactly why ... but believes it had something to do with technical difficulties, like lighting and sound problems. Wayne is now asking the court for a judgment in his favor. (TMZ)

Aside from cancelling scheduled appearances, the Young Money leader recently announced plans to release his own shoe.

"That will probably be further way down the line," Wayne said when asked about a shoe line for his Trukfit clothing brand. "I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won't be Trukfit. I have a shoe with a well-known company. I just don't want to say yet because I haven't dotted the line yet. But it's done. [Nike or Reebok?] Nah, it's not a Nike or Reebok, I can tell you that much." (VIBE)

Check out the interview below:

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