News: Lil Kim Stays Mum On Maino 'Love' Questions, "I Plead The Fifth"

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 8:34AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim is staying mum on the topic of her new "If You Love Me" record being a subliminal response to Maino but admitted the track is based on a real life experience.

When pressed with Maino-related questions, the Queen Bee laughingly held back.

If Kim's daring new single "If You Love Me" is any indication, then it's safe to say that she is in her 808s & Heartbreak period, the album on which Kanye traded in his rap bars for Auto-Tuned melodies. Ms. La Bella Mafia released the song this past Valentine's Day on iTunes. While she doesn't completely abandon her rap bars, she's singing on the song's hook. "If you love me, you would say it in front of the world," Kim croons. Kim, who is working on a new album, revealed to Sway that the track was based on real-life experience. "It's a true story. Somebody had allegedly made a record to me," she teased without saying who that somebody is. Sway pushed further and asked Kim if the record was in response to Maino's "That Could Be Us" single. In the past, the two have been linked romantically, but Kim wouldn't reveal who "If You Love Me" was really about. "I plead the fifth," she said, laughing. "There is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don't know," Kim said, "and if they found out, they'll be like, 'What? You were with who?'" (MTV)

Speculation on Kim's record being a response to Maino's "I Still Love You" landed online upon its release last month.

"If you loved me, you would let the world know it / say it out your mouth, but I would rather your heart show it / Actions speak louder than words / This was God's work, but you couldn't see / God blessed you when he sent you to me." - Lil Kim. Joining in on the barrage of material that we met with yesterday on Valentine's day, The Queen Bee alias Lil Kim dropped off a brand new track entitled "If You Love Me". The auto tune heavy cut is apparently an answer back to Maino's "I Still Love You" track that was released last year. (Soul Culture UK)

Back in January, Maino swayed away from reports claiming his record was solely based on Kim.

"I think people are taking it way out of context," Maino said in an interview. "You know when you have relationships with certain people, you may have real genuine love for them but you just can't f*ck with them. That's all I was saying. ... I still got love for you, we don't really f*ck with each other but I still got love for you. You know the thing is, I saw the comments, 'Oh Maino's in love with Lil Kim.' They forgot in the song that I said, 'I was your brother.' ... You know when you got love for somebody but you can love them from afar, you want them to do their thing but y'all aren't built for close proximity. That's all." (Rap Radar)

The rapper's "I Still Love You" emerged online a couple months ago.

"Everybody knew I took n*ggas to war for you/All the times you said the industry fake don't let it fool me/The jewels that you dropped on the game you used to school me/No plea, took it to trial and then you blew/I rolled with you straight to the jail that's how I do/Kites to the joint expressing how much I love you/Still a Queen even in greens -- Things change then you came home and we moving different/Emotions now getting involved/We in our feelings/Fighting and we arguing sh*t we never used to do/We don't even speak no more/You was claiming that I was using you/I still love you though." ("I Still Love You")

Check out some recent Lil Kim footage below:

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