News: Lil Kim Reveals Crazed Stalker, Whitney Houston Bodyguard Offer

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 5:18PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim recently opened up on last month's unexpected passing of late music icon Whitney Houston and how she was offered the singer's bodyguard in light of a past stalker situation.

As the story goes, Kim said Houston was down to lend a personal bodyguard years ago.

Turns out, at one time, Kim and Houston shared something in common -- crazed stalkers. Once Houston learned of an obsessed fan who would leave creepy gifts at Kim's doorstep, "The Bodyguard" actress offered her own personal bodyguard to help protect the female rapper. "Whitney Houston called me, and she was like, 'Kim, I will send my guy, because remember when that stalker was in my house?' " Kim said, reenacting the conversation with her best Whitney impression. "She was so sweet about it," Kim remembered. (MTV)

Last month, the Queen Bee was one of many celebrities who publicly reacted to Houston's passing.

"A voice, a talent, and a spirit that will forever remain incomparable. RIP to the Queen, Whitney Houston.," she tweeted February 11th. (Lil Kim's Twitter)

This week, reports hit the Internet revealing the music icon left her entire estate to 19 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney Houston has left everything in her will to her 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina. The singer's will, which was signed in 1993, does not mention specific assets, but stipulates that all of her belongings should go to her surviving children, and Bobbi Kristina was her only child. Though Bobbi Kristina will be immediately granted ownership of Houston's clothing, jewelry, cars, personal effects and other items, the singer's money will be placed in a trust. Bobbi Kristina will get some of the money upon turning 21. She will get more at 25, and the full balance at age 30. (Rolling Stone)

The will was reportedly last amended over ten years ago.

Houston, who died suddenly on Feb. 11 while in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel room, mentions ex-husband Bobby Brown in the 19-page document, but doesn't leave him a dime. "I give my entire interest in all my household furniture . . . clothing, personal effects, jewelry, and automobiles, and all insurance policies thereon . . . to any children of mine who survive me," Houston, 48, wrote in the will obtained by "Inside Edition." The will, filed in Atlanta, was first drafted on Feb. 3, 1993, a month before she gave birth to Bobbi Kristina. It was amended on April 14, 2000. (New York Daily News)

Check out some recent Lil Kim footage below:

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