News: Kreayshawn Says Mom's Receiving Death Threats, "They Want To Kill Her"

Monday, Mar 12, 2012 4:54PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn has opened up on making headlines last week after controversial tweets allegedly made their way onto her Twitter page.

According to Kreay, her Twitter page was hacked into while catching a few Z's last week.

"I was asleep when all this started unfolding, you know how Twitter has the trending topics...Well this one I guess was fake retweets of me," Kreay explained in an interview. "And then everyone started doing it. Like, "Lets put RT in front of Kreayshawn's name" and saying these horrible things, and finally my fans and a few of my friends started hitting me like "your page's been hacked." I went on Twitter and saw that there wasn't anything on my timeline that I didn't tweet. But then I checked my @replies and I saw everything." (Necole Bitchie)

Kreay went on to reveal how haters have even taken aim at her mother.

"I am tough. I've had pimps pull my arm. I'm hard, but deep down I'm a real person. And when people are tweeting things at me, it hurts. Part of it is being imaged as 'the white rapper girl'. I feel like people just don't like that. There's some sort of novelty about it, like it's not real. But it is. People tweet my mom saying all sorts of crazy things, like they want to kill her. And I think people thought it was funny. But it's not. The guy who started it has over 10,000 followers. But people with 500 followers are going to think it's real. What if someone slaps me? ... The part that worries me is people who are going to think it's real after the fact. My mom is kind of an overreacter. I've seen this kind of stuff before. So I'm not that worried." (Necole Bitchie)

Prior to denying the tweets, the Bay Area rapper caught heat after controversial tweets were associated to her Twitter.

On Wednesday night, Twitter exploded with racist retweets, allegedly sourced from the Gucci Gucci rapper's account. The tweets included jaw-dropping statements, like "Sometimes I wish slavery was still goin' on," "I don't need black fans anyway. Y'all don't buy albums" and "Looks like a f*cking Popeye's just opened up in my mentions. You monkeys got your taxes back already?" Unsurprisingly, the retweets quickly poured across the Internet, and were trending within hours. In the morning, an equally questionable apology made the rounds: "Gm guys, last nite hacked my page, i am sorry, i love FRIED CHICKEN! Forgive me." (Huffington Post)

Prior to her recent woes, the West Coast rapper admitted how addicted she was to Twitter last fall.

"I'm always on Twitter. I'm on Twitter too much," Kreay said in an interview. "I have people who follow me and that are my fans like, 'I'm a huge fan of Kreayshawn but she really needs to stop tweeting so much.' You know what I'm saying? I over tweet sometimes. But you know, you go through things, you over tweet, we get into our mind frame and kind of let the keyboard turn into your head if that happens. I'm good, I'm good. My online presence, I must say I'm very skilled at the electronics and things. Freestyling tweets. That's what I do. Yes. You gotta do it man. Twitter cypher. ... Facebook is like your living room, you invite your friends and your family into your living room, you show them photos and update them with family things and places you're going. Twitter is like a street where all these motherf*ckers are just standing out there screaming at the top of their lungs. [Which do I prefer?] I like the streeeets. [laughs]" (Daily Dot)

Check out some recent Kreayshawn footage below:

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