News: Joe Budden Still Giving Esther Baxter Cold Shoulder, "I'm Totally, Totally, Totally Over It. I'm Not Sure She Is" [Video]

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 8:53AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joe Budden recently gave fans an update on his relationship with ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter, admitting they have not spoken since his tell-all "Ordinary Love Sh*t Part III" record last spring.

Budden also said since their separation nearly a year ago, the publicized incident has had an effect on his dating life.

"No, I can't imagine how that conversation would go," Budden said when asked if he has talked to Baxter since dropping his "Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3" freestyle last spring. "I haven't spoke to her. I mean, I'm over it, I'm totally, totally, totally over it. I'm not sure that she is. ... I think the people need to, and not just women, but people period, need to hold themselves accountable for their actions. For every action, there's a reaction. You know what I get so often today, in being single? I get women, certain women, not all, certain women being intimidated to deal with me because of sh*t like that. ... I have absolutely no quarrels about f*cking spazzing on whoever if it's warranted. But, I mean, that's a clear indicator for me because it says to me that if you're that afraid of the recourse, then it means you plan on doing some sh*t down the line. You know, so that's big for me." ("Sway In The Morning")

Last May, the Slaughterhouse rapper came forward to clear his image in light of Baxter accusing him of physical abuse.

"Well listen, if the subject matter were true at all, then I'd been sitting there like anyone else saying, 'Well Jesus, this guy's a monster, this guy's the devil here on Earth,'" Budden told Funkmaster Flex. "But nah, it's a bunch of lies. Lies, lies, lies, lies. The thing about lying is when you lie, you have to continue to lie. And now recently I don't even know if you just saw it but she was saying earlier how she didn't even give [gossip website] Bossip these pictures to put out, and they replied and said, 'You definitely did give us these pictures.' ... For the record, just so we're totally clear, I never hit Esther. Never. Never, ever, ever. I never, never, never, never, ever, ever hit her. I take that subject matter very serious. It's not even something to joke around about..." (Hot 97)

Earlier the same day, Baxter said Budden's physical attacks caused her to lose their child.

"I had a miscarriage as a result of some actions he deciced to take," Baxter said in an interview. "We were having an argument about inappropriate behavior on Twitter. Him being inappropriate with other women on Twitter. Basically we got into an argument and he went into a rage and started throwing my stuff down the stairs. My clothes and shoes and everything. He's telling me to get out. I went into another room and locked the door and he didn't like that. He came over and kicked the door down. He came into the room and grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me out of the room multiple times. And basically ended up choking me until I couldn't breathe, slamming me up against the door. I told him that if he didn't stop I was going to call the police. So in an attempt to grab my phone from me he threw me on the floor wrestling with me and ended up just throwing me on my back and grabbing me by my wrist and sitting on my stomach for half an hour while I was screaming that I was pregnant." (Bossip)

In May 2011, the rapper announced his separation from Baxter by releasing "Ordinary Love Sh*t Part III."

Slaughterhouse general Joe Budden returns with the third and final part of his no holds barred "Ordinary Love Sh*t" series. For "Ordinary Love Shit Pt.3 (Closure)" the rapper reaches down deep and reveals very personal details of his past relationship with Esther Baxter (even mentioning his other ex girlfriend Tahiry) over the instrumental for Odd Future's R&B star in the making Frank Ocean's "Novacane" from the singer's street album Nostalgia, ULTRA. Very Deep! (Soul Culture UK)

Check out Joe Budden's interview below:

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