News: Jim Jones Pays Respect To Max B At NYC Concert

Thursday, Mar 1, 2012 9:02AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset rapper Jim Jones reportedly showed his respect to former affiliate Max B during a concert last night (February 29) in New York City, the same day it was discovered the jailed rapper's murder conviction appeal was denied.

A detailed account of Jones' New York show suggests Max's presence was in the air despite their past tensions.

Jim Jones is used to rocking New York City venues with his Diplomats crew. But last night (February 29), Capo proved he can bring the house down without his crew, for the most part, at his Jim Jones and Friends concert at Gramercy Theatre. A highlight of the evening was what seemed like a shout out to former partner-in-rhyme Max B, who, as reported by XXL yesterday, was denied an appeal and will not be up for parole unitl 2042. While "Pin the Tail" blared through the speakers, the Harlem native took a swig of champagne straight out the bottle, letting Biggavelli's chorus play uninterrupted. The moment ignited the crowd, as a result. (XXL Mag)

Yesterday, reports emerged online claiming Max would remain behind bars for at least 30 more years.

Looks like we won't be seeing Max B anytime soon. Max B's appeal was denied and he won't be eligible for parole or prison release until November 9th, 2042. Yep, we most likely won't see Charly Wingate aka Max B for 30 more years according to the New Jersey State Police. Max B ended up in a New Jersey State Prison cell in 2009 after he was found guilty on 9 out of 11 counts of murder and robbery charges. If you commit the crime, you do the time but is there any actual proof that Max B murdered anybody? I don't think so. Free Max B! (Rap Dose)

Back in 2010, Max spoke on no longer having to subject himself to a publishing contract with Jimmy.

"Vigilante Season coming this September, it's gonna be a real big thing, I can't wait, I feel good," Max said in a phone interview. "Finally, I'm out that business with Jim. I wish you guys success, hopefully we can still be civilized about the situation but um, I'm free baby. You already know, Vigilante Season this September. The sh*t is gonna be real wavy. Be on the look-out man, Max Biggaveli...It's a new feeling, daddy. It's a new feeling, I'm blessed, I told you they can't stop it, it's gonna happen regardless. You know, I'm just gonna be a real grown-up about it, like I said, I wish these guys the best success and hopefully they can meet me at the top. You already know, I'll meet you n*ggas at the top man. The top feels so much better than the bottom. [laughs]." (Anyextree)

He previously spoke on his relationship status with Jim back in 2009.

"Nah, Jim ain't reach out," Max said in a phone interview. "I'm waiting for him. I'm trying to get this Vigilante Season out so hopefully he can reach out to me and get a check together. You know, shout-out to Jim Jones. I want a check, lets get a check...I had fun man, this has been the best two and a half, three years of my life. I did so much. I was stuck in the contract and I still somehow slipped through the crack and became successful. I go to bed with a smile on my face every night." (G-Unit Radio)

As of now, Max B remains behind bars until November 2042 on a murder conviction.

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