News: Jacki-O's Alleged Topless Picture Leaks, Rapper Addresses Nude Shot

Monday, Mar 19, 2012 3:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Miami rapper Jacki-O, most famously known for her 2003 single "Nookie", is making headlines again at the start of this week with new video footage allegedly showing a topless picture of herself, allegedly taken from a stolen cell phone.

Posted in a World Star Hip Hop Uncut slide show video, the photo has begun circulating online.

Rapper Jacki-O Topless Cell Phone Photos Leak! *You Know We Had To Hook The Fellas Up. So Allegedly Miami Rapper Jackie O has sum naked pics floatin around, well we have them so check it out inside and judge for yourselves. *Editor's Note: In the WSHH Uncut footage, the photo is being attached to Jacki-O solely based off a lower stomach tattoo resemblance which looks closely, if not exactly, like the rapper's.* (The Most Requested)

Jacki has already taken to Twitter to address one person tweeting links to the footage and flatly suggested it is merely a matter of rumors and lies.

"@Mistah_Bo this lame a** n*gga >>>> @LastRealNigga77 sendn out pics ! Who cares where u got those! I bet u wont show your face" she tweeted to a Twitter user posting links to the video.
"Good morning tweeties! Never let rumors or lies knock me off my grind.. im off to the gym!" (Jacki-O's Twitter)

Last month, singer Teyana Taylor issued a statement after her nude photo hit the Internet.

"Look I'm human, & just like every girl in this world, I admire my body so i take pics just like EVERY other human being. However my phone that was stolen Witch my phone was also connected to my twitter. So i guess the hacker felt the need to have a field day and leaked personal photos, and also tweet mean & hurtful things about me. I ain't gone front It really hurt my feelings that someone would be so evil and mean. I would never leak photos like that of my self. I have so many blessings and opportunities ahead of me & I have way more class & respect for my self as a young woman. So there's no need to seek attention. But I sincerely apologize to all my supporters and followers who had to witness the devil at work, and at what he does best. Karma is a $&@# but I'll let God handle that. that's it that's all." (Statement)

Back in 2009, R&B singers Rihanna and Cassie's nude photos leaked online.

According to Nielsen SoundScan figures, the unwanted publicity served no purpose as far as Rihanna single sales figures are concerned. On the week ending May 3rd, she had 45,000 total downloads on songs by her or with her as a guest. The week ending May 10th, her numbers dropped to 44,000. For Cassie, just two days before the Rihanna pictures appeared, Cassie's own computer was hacked and topless photos of her hit the net. The next day, more explicit photos leaked, this time of Cassie fully unclothed. Still, Cassie's numbers stayed flat with 2,000 downloads both weeks. (Billboard)

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