News: "I Wouldn't Want To Date The Guy Version Of Me. If I Were A Man I'd Be A Womanizer"

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grand Hustle rap newcomer Iggy Azalea speaks on what turns her on when it comes to men in the new issue of Complex magazine.

Despite a rumored relationship with Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, Iggy dished out what she looks for when it comes to the opposite sex.

"People think every guy is trying to get my number. I don't have people asking for my number every day or even every week. I often meet people in working environments where it's professional," she said. "[Do I like guys as sexual as me?] No, they turn me off. I wouldn't want to date the guy version of me. If I were a man I'd be a womanizer. I like reserved guys. When they give you attention, it makes me think, "Aww, I'm special."" (Complex)

Last January, Iggy spilled the beans on her hook-up with Rocky and allegedy donning his tattoo.

"Ugh, it's hard to say without getting myself in trouble. [Laughs]," she said when asked about the tat. "I don't know how to put it. It's like... I... I don't know... I love him and that's all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I'm not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I'll tell you that. [Laughs] I'm just the only one with it on my fingers! [Do I love the movement or Rocky?] It's not the movement. I'll tell you that. [Am I single?] I'd have to say that I'm taken." (VIBE)

Recently, Grand Hustle affiliate DJ Drama talked to SOHH about Iggy's current buzz outside of her sex appeal.

"I definitely think Iggy has a lot to prove as a new artist," Drama told SOHH. "I'm interested in her, I've seen some of her music videos as well as her music and I think there's definitely some stuff I like. I think it's going to be a very interesting year as far as what she's going to accomplish and what she'll be able to accomplish. I actually started paying attention to her last year. I think she has a lot of potential and she's a very nice person from my interaction with her. I think she has a great story behind her. I wish her the best and look forward to working with her. I think she definitely has the potential to make quality music so don't be surprised if she's on [my upcoming album] Quality Street Music." (SOHH)

This week, she dropped the new T.I.-assisted "Murda Bizness" record.

For her official first single, buzzworthy rap upstart Iggy Azalea is killing the pride and hurting the feelings of her detractors and competition with "Murda Bizness," a slick, boastful, and downright bangin' introduction that features rapper T.I. cosigning the pretty rapstress' impending reign. Iggy, who graces the cover of XXL's always-interesting Freshmen issue, is using "Murda Bizness" to lead her Interscope Records' debut album, The New Classic, out in June. (Neon Limelight)

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