Guest Star: "I Definitely Want The Credit, The Branding & Go Ahead & Give Me The Money Too"

Monday, Mar 12, 2012 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for Ras Kass

[With the emergence of dubstep- electronic dance music which originated from South London- into hip-hop's mainstream as of late, West Coast rap veteran, Ras Kass, reveals how he had the jump on the sound years ago.]

I remember my first time going to London, and this is years ago but I don't want to date myself, n*ggas were talking about garage music and all that other sh*t. So I came back with a different ear and I was kind of implementing some of those things into my music but I hadn't gotten the opportunity to be heard as much.

There were some things that were hard to describe, especially to a producer years back. It was almost like talking an alien language to somebody, trying to explain to people what I had heard over there without having the music to show them myself. I don't think it was the right time for dubstep. So dubstep is old, for one.

It's grown phenomenally in the United States in about the past five years. In the urban world and especially for black people, they tend to be close-minded about what type of hip-hop they like. There's people that like the pop sh*t, there's people that like the gangster sh*t, there's people that like the old 1990's music. It hasn't really reached the magnitude that I think it's going to reach.

So when I came out of prison, I was already on it. Technically, I did the first original dubstep record of any artist. I did one with 12th Planet called "West Coast Dub." Everyone else would do one in London, but it was already a hit. They'd do it out of the country but they wouldn't own it in America. I owned it. I feel like now everybody's messing with it and I'm like, f*ck it, I've always been ahead of my time.

I try to stay five years ahead of my time. I try not to be late or be a follower. It's unfair sometimes that people get a lot of credit. The path I've laid for a lot of lyricists out on the West, sometimes people try to keep that under the rug or give it the respect that it deserves.

I definitely want the credit, I want the branding and go ahead and give me the money too.

Ras Kass, a member of the Soleside Crew, is one of the dopest MC's to grace a microphone in a long time. His ability to freestyle combined with his uniquely offbeat flow, makes him almost untouchable on any stage he graces (East Coast, West Coast, the South, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, Frankfurt, Paris, etc....). Freeflowing MC's come and go but the thing that sets them apart as great is lyrical content. And that, he has.

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