5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes": "I'm The Voice Of The Young People. I'm The Voice For Different Lifestyles"

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Josh Baze

[With the highly-anticipated Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes debut finally available for purchase, rap newcomer Josh Baze gives you his top five reasons to cop this new record.]

1. From The Beginning To The End

My first reason is because this shows music listeners how real my beginning was and how passionate I am about my music. The things that I did to get to where I am at today, I think it will inspire people to take the same route. Growing up in Brooklyn, that really molded the whole beginning of the album. But then moving out to California, I made it to a destination I never thought I would make it to. You're going to get all of those experiences on the album.

2. Run That Beat Back

Another reason is because the album has different lifestyles and different lanes. Instead of it sounding like a regular hip-hop album or a rap album, it's a soundtrack to my life. Growing up, I listened to all different types of music. From Backstreet Boys to Spice Girls to Big Daddy Kanye to B.I.G. and Jay-Z. I just listened to everything. The features and the sounds on here are nothing new to me but it's something new to me because I've never seen or heard anybody mash up hip-hop to this genre. I think people will appreciate what I did for them and hip-hop too.

3. Follow The Leader

I have a lot of people say I'm the voice of the young people but I feel like I'm the voice for different lifestyles. I think my music can connect to a lot of people in a deep and conscious way but still have the ability to go commercial. I have a new song coming out soon called "She's Gold" and that's a Bonnie & Clyde feeling. There's been a lot of music out as of late where it's he or she did something wrong. I think love is such a beautiful thing that it would be someone like me to shine light on the beautiful side of love. I think every song on the album really touches on different lifestyles.

4. Coming To A Stage Near You...

I also have a lot of producers behind me. We all gave the album a live sound instead of it just being virtually put together. I think a lot of people would appreciate the live sounds and the rawness that you hear in the drums to the snares. When it comes time to perform this, it's going to have more of a live sound and rawness. I think that's what music is lacking today. Ryan Leslie is one of the artists that inspired me in this project. I really realized he never used any type of virtual sounds, he would go to the studio and record stuff himself. That whole process was very entertaining.

5. All 4 You

The final reason is because I made the album for y'all. I made the album to inspire y'all and nothing to make y'all feel out of place and out of the ordinary. I made the album to connect to y'all and show people that even though my status is building up, I'm still a regular person. I still put my pants on just like you guys, I'm still a regular person and I can relate to y'all and you can relate to me.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new album?

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