5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2": "As An Outlawed Artist, It's Very Hard To See His Work"

Thursday, Mar 22, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Alan Ket

[With tattoos continuing to grow in popularity these days, renowned photographer Alan Ket gives you his top five reasons to consider purchasing his new Graffiti Tatoo Volume 2 book.]

1. All Over The World

The first reason is because it includes many of the most famous and best tattoo artists from all parts of the world. We have Sabe from Copenhagen [, Denmark]. He's probably one of the most important figures in the graffiti movement in Copenhagen. He's also become a very prominent person in the tattoo movement there but as an outlawed artist, it's very hard to see his work. He works for himself and you can't just find him. It's like a word of mouth thing. To see his work is a very special and important thing for the tattoo world and for fans of this art form.

2. You Like My Style

It shows a very broad spectrum of styles and techniques. So this has something for everyone. There's everything from the traditional, American style of tattoo that people normally attribute to sailor or military tattoos are in the book but with a spin. They have a more modern spin to them. There's traditional Japanese style tattoos in here. There's back and full body pieces that are also in the book. Some of the styles you would be used to seeing on a wall are executed in such a special way on skin. Those are some of the styles which are covered in the book.

3. It's A Celebration

It's celebrated by tattoo and graffiti artists alike. When you come up with a follow-up book like this, which is covering new territory, and let me just say before the first book there was nothing like it in print. You're seeing the merging of graffiti artists going into the world of tattoos. We were able to feature artists from thoughout the world that people love. You're going to see people who are very well-known in the graffiti and art world who are following the work we're doing because you can't get it anywhere else.

4. Not Your Average

It's not just another tattoo book. It's a book with a unique concept that showcases a side of the tattoo world that people don't normally get to see. This book features over 60 artists and we're able to go into parts of the world that we hadn't done before. We have artists from South America, artists from Brazil, and you're seeing this art form spreading and touching other nations and countries. It's very neat and impressive. You'll also see artists from Denmark, Spain going to Brooklyn. You'll see artists from all over the world. We really stepped up and really went out to the graffiti and tattoo world to find the talent that a lot of people don't know about.

5. Get Tagged

I think at 240 pages for less than $40, it's a bargain. Unfortunately, we did have to cut out a lot of stuff. I would prefer it to have been a 480-page book but we had to cut out a good amount of tattoo artists who I would have liked to feature. We just did not have the pages to include them. I think this book is a testament to the growing popularity of the graffiti and tattoo world. I think everything will really come together nicely for when volume three starts getting put together.

You Decide. Will you purchase Graffiti Tattoo Volume 2?

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