5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Goldyn Chyld T-Shirt: "You Can Tell We Really Gave A F*ck About It"

Friday, Mar 16, 2012 1:13AM

Written by SOHH for Ras Kass

[As he continues to work away at new music, West Coast rap veteran Ras Kass steps aside and gives you give reasons to support his limited edition Goldyn Chyld t-shirts.]

1. Dope Boy Fresh

I would say the first reason is because this is a really dope shirt. The design is fly. What we kind of want to do is make this very limited edition. If you look on the back, you're going to see my logo. I have the backwards 'R' with the 'K' on there, and then below it is a pyramid. You can see designs throughout the whole shirt. You can tell we really gave a f*ck about it.

2. Watch The Limit

The second reason is this is a limited edition line. We probably will discontinue this at some point. We probably won't do it again. It would have to be snow and hail to change the color. Either you get it or you don't. So that's a big reason right there. It's a limited edition concept.

3. Free-99

The third reason is because if you get the shirt, you get a physical copy of Endangered Lyricist Volume 3 additionally. It gives you something else tangible that you can get for free.

4. Opening Act

The fourth reason would probably be is that if you like this one, wait until you see the sh*t that we got coming up. The next limited edition shirts are starting to come together now. So you should get this one so when the next limited edition shirt comes out, you can be fly. We're really big on colors. Get it while the getting is good. That's my fourth reason.

5. Follow The Leader

The fifth reason, I would say is because I'm wearing it and also because it's reasonably priced. We're not beating people over the head. If you support me, I support them. I'm not trying to kill people with the cost. What we're trying to do with this is make it so everyone can get one. We try to beat people with quality instead of quantity. I try to give people fresh sh*t that's superior quality instead of being a cheap a** t-shirt.

You Decide. Will you purchase the Goldyn Chyld tee?

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