News: G-Unit's Precious Paris Finds Nasty 'Love', "Spank Me Like I Stole Something" [Video]

Saturday, Mar 10, 2012 7:19PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Newly signed G-Unit artist Precious Paris is not letting the release of her new From Paris With Love mixtape slow her down and has now dropped the new "Love" music video to keep the promotion going.

In the clip, fans get to finally see Precious Paris in the flesh as she lives out the lyrics to her record.

Recent signing to 50 Cent's label, Precious Paris has decided to give her G-Unit Records debut project From Paris With Love the visual treatment in the form of her new video for "Love." Following the release of Fif's "Queens, NY" moving picture, this visual finds the no nonsense rapper taking the reigns on her own proclaiming her admiration for her "love" interest, in some very swanky looking scenes. (Soul Culture UK)

On the record, Paris shows off her witty lyrical prowess with a couple double-meaning lines.

"How'd I get into you, something so unconventional," Paris raps, "Bad Boy, I think I like being bad, I think he like me on top/I'm liking it from the back/Plus he's got the, leanest, meanest, p*nis, that's B.I.G., stroke of genius/This is, gangsta lovin', lay back love, why not, there's plenty room in the Maybach, cuz/How can this be wrong when it feel so right..." ("Love")

Last month, the New York-bred artist spoke on her music and versatile pen game.

Paris was signed to 50 Cent's record label and her first album will be released on Feb. 29. Her first video with 50 Cent got over 2 million views on YouTube. "I have a long way to go," she admitted. "I want to be everywhere." "I still want to be me -- but I want to have a hard time being me," she joked. Her mentor 50 Cent heaped praise on his newest protege. "Paris is amazing! She reflects how a strong passion for art can surpass adversity," he said. Her songs run the gamut of the genre. She pens explicit club anthems along with gritty, emotional tunes. "This is my lifestyle. I wear many hats," she said. She said whenever she listens to the track "No More," which chronicles her painful childhood, she is overcome with emotions. "I'm a hardcore rapper -- but I cry. I shed tears. A lot," she said. (New York Daily News)

In late December, Paris spoke on battling Nicki Minaj comparisons heading into 2012.

"I've been working with Fif for a minute, I've been doing a lot of vocals for him. That's how we actually met," Paris told DJ Whoo Kid. "I met him as a writer. I guess he just recognized the talent and I'm naturally like him anyway I guess because I'm from Southside Jamaica Queens. ... I'm signed to G-Unit and I'm ready to hold them down. Whatever I have to do. I'm 'going' to hold them down. ... I'm not really looking at it as competition [with Nicki Minaj], because we're like in two different lanes, actually. She went somewhere else and I'm going somewhere else [with the music] where you can really see where I'm going in 2012. So I'm not mad at her, what she's doing, I love what she's doing, she's making money and I do not oppose to any female making money. There's only one girl in the game so how can you be mad at anything? There's room for me, there's room for me. So, as far as comparisons, yeah, everybody's gonna do that but if you want to compare me to somebody else, great, it's somebody that's making money. That's fine." (Radio Planet TV)

Check out Precious Paris' "Love" music video below:

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