News: French Montana Gives Cassie Her Street Cred, "I've Never Been In A Rap Video Like That"

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 4:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records' Cassie recently talked about her cameo in labelmate French Montana's "Shot Caller" music video and how Frenchie seemingly gave her a pinch of street credibility.

Recalling the video shoot in Miami, Cassie also touched on her chemistry with newly signed Bad Boys artist, French Montana and the other Bad Boy artists.

After ripping runways throughout the world and captivating viewers as a video vixen, Cassie has finally made her long-awaited returned to music. Though she still dabbles in it all, the 24-year-old beauty is as music-enthused as ever. "We were in Miami and I didn't really know--I just knew that my name was in the record so I wasn't really sure what I was gonna do when I got there, but it was fun," she told VIBE. "I've never been in a rap video like that and I was like 'Hey, this is like my street cred maybe [Laughs]. "I'm a fan of French and the guys are hilarious." (VIBE)

Cassie can thank label-mate Red Cafe for her street cred as he recently claimed to have influenced Diddy into signing French.

"Me and French been rocking for years. I been watching French and French had a plan and he put his plan in motion. And his plan is blossoming now into something that's real beautiful," Red said in an interview. "His grind is impeccable. I respect French totally. I brought the idea to Puff to sign French. I was like 'Yo dog listen, this is my homie and this is what he's doing.' And you know Puff was in L.A. at the time -- and this was before everybody else wanted him. We was like there though. We was like right on the time before anybody else wanted to get down with his movement. I was like 'Yo dog, listen. Open your ears up and focus up on this. This is a dope move.' So I respect that I support French movement." (WGCI)

In December, Frenchie announced his new alignment with Bad Boy.

"I really feel real good that's why I kept it here in New York," French explained. "Why would I take my talent to South Beach? When I met with Puff and sat down and really spoke, he told me a couple of things and [he] never lied to me about nothing and always kept his word. It is what it is. It's New York. I want to bring it back to New York." ("106 & Park")

A month prior, reports claimed Montana quietly inked a deal with Puff's label despite offers from rap stars Kanye West and Rick Ross.

I've heard from a few sources that Diddy has managed to sign French Montana to Bad Boy records. I was skeptical at first but that was followed by Diddy being on the, "Shot Caller," remix. I also heard it may be a joint venture with Bad Boy Records and MMG. Would this be a good move for French? (Real Talk NY)

Check out the "Shot Caller" remix music video below:

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